Meet at Village Inn parking before at 9:00 am every Wednesday during October thru April: 

1837 Fremont Dr. Canon City

[and before 9:00 am on every Wednesday during May thru September]



Upcoming Schedule of Wednesday Hikes 




Upcoming 2022 Hikes:




May 2022 Hikes:


May   4 Hard Times via Ecology Park  

May 11   Sunset City via Copper Gulch Road

May 18   Wilson Creek near Deer Haven

May 25 Newlin Creek Trail



May 4th - Hard Times via Ecology Park


Hike length: 4.0 Miles, out & back

Elevation gain: 535'


Directions to Trailhead: Drive west on Hwy 50. Turn left on 1st Street. Veer right onto Temple Canyon Road.  Park in Rockafellow Ecology Park on your right.


Description of Hike: We are only hiking the black section of Hard Times. Great view of Canon City.  Interesting trail, often walking on beds of sandstone.  We will stop to snack at the turn-around, spreading out to find a suitable rock to sit on in a dry creek bed near 'the Shiv.'  The trailhead starts 0.8 miles southwest from the parking lot.  We will walk a combination of easy bushwhacking and partial trails to get to the trailhead.  Good rock collecting.



May 11th - Sunset City


Hike length: 4.5 Miles, out & back

Elevation gain: 440'


Directions to Trailhead: Drive west on Hwy 50.  Turn left at Parkdale/A3.  At the fork, take a right, which is Copper Gulch Road.  Parking for trailhead will be on your left, where the road is level with the dry creek bed, 7 miles from Hwy 50. 


Description of Hike: Located in wilderness study area.  Pretty valley with dry creek bed running the length.  There is evidence of mining in the valley.  We will be walking a mix of paths in the many small meadow areas along this dry creek, sometimes crossing to the other side.  Where we meet a fork, we will stay left.  The turn around point and snack stop only has one log to sit on, so if you need a cushion - bring one!



May 18th - Newlin Creek Trail


Directions to Trailhead: Drive through Florence on Highway 67 to CR15.  If road isn't muddy we will drive to the furthest parking at trailhead #1335.


Hike length: 6 miles, out & Back

Beginning Elevation: 7.000'

Elevation gain: 1,735'


Description of Hike: Good hike for trekking poles due to many creek crossings.  Lots of shade.  We will stop for lunch and turn around where there are remains of a sawmill. Good idea to bring lunch as opposed to a snack!  On the way up you will be stopping frequently to catch your breath from the elevation gain - and every stop will have memorable views: cliffs, ponds, small waterfalls, mountain flowers.  Returning will seem much faster and easier.  Totally charming.





May 25th - Wilson Creek Trail #T5827A     - carpool please, small parking lot!


Hike length: 4 miles, out & Back

Elevation gain: about 600'


Directions to Trailhead: (Same area as Deer Haven)  Go west on Hwy 50. Turn right (north) onto CO 9.  Turn right onto CR 11 (High Park Road) and drive about 5.2 miles.  Turn right onto CR 69 and drive about 2 miles to a dirt road on your right leading to Wilson Creek Trail/#T5827A.  (We will pass the parking for Deer Haven and pass the cabin Kim & Don Nelson took us to last summer.) About 36 miles one way from Canon City.


Description of Hike: Similar views to Deer Haven, but fun to try new trail.