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1837 Fremont Dr. Canon City



Upcoming Schedule of Wednesday Hikes 




June 2023 Hikes


Hike Leader: Tracy Mitchell



6/7/23 - Round Top Mountain 321
6/14/23 - Newlin Creek
6/20/23 - Ouray Perimeter Hike (Overnight Committee)

6/21/23 - Hardtimes - alternative for those not going on the club trip

6/28/23 - St Charles Peak



page1image66260544June 7, 2023 – Round Top Mountain


Direction to Trailhead: Drive South from Florence on Hwy #67 to the junction with #96 in Wetmore. Turn right (west) on #96 and follow 9 miles to the intersection with #165 at Mackenzie Junction. Turn left (south) onto #165 and proceed south past Bigelow Divide, and take the next left turn, which is #383, which is also the Mingus Ranch road. Stay on #383 until you see the campsites. We will be parking in the first campsite, unless it is occupied, then we’ll park in the second campsite.

Length of Hike: 3.9 miles Beginning Elevation: 9,453 feet Elevation Gain: 403 feet

Description of Hike: The hike will commence from the parking area eastward to FSR# 321, aka Round Top Mountain Road. We will ascend along the west slope and toward Round Top before curving Northwest along and up a ridge with vistas on each side. The lunch spot and turn around point will be approximately 2 miles from the parking area. From this vantage point there are views of the northern Sangres – Bushnell Peak, Mount Otto, Galena, and Eagle Peak. There will also be views of St. Charles and Greenhorn.



June 14, 2023 Newlin Creek

Direction to trailhead: From Florence, head south on State Hwy 67 for 4.3 miles to County Road 15. Turn right (west) and follow CR 15 for 6.3 miles to trail head. You will pass the entrance sign for Florence Mountain Park and a house on the left. The road is can be rough with deep ruts from the house to the trail head, a distance of about 0.4 miles. Shortly before you reach the trail head and the end of CR 15, there is a small parking area to the left and a pond just beyond. There also is a small parking area to the left of the trail head. About 22 miles one way.

Length of hike: 6.2 miles (out and back) Beginning elevation: 6,750 ft.
Elevation gain: 1,360 ft.

Description of Hike: The Newlin Creek trail parallels and crosses the creek at 18 locations as you climb about 1,360 feet in elevation from the trail head to the Hedrick Site,l which will be
the turnaround point. The first crossing is made across a wooden bridge. The rest have to be done by walking across logs and rocks and possibly also by stepping into water. The crossings become easier as you proceed upstream. The trail is scenic as is takes you through a forest dominated by large Douglas firs. There also are Ponderosa pine scattered along the trail and white fir mainly at the lower elevation and aspens mostly at the higher elevations. Scrub oaks, small cherry trees (pin cherries?), dogwoods, prostrate Junipers, wild roses, gooseberries and mountain maples also are seen along the trail. Waterfalls, large interesting rocks that have fallen from the cliffs that narrowly bracket the creek, and the high rugged cliffs themselves all make the hike very scenic and rewarding. The upper part of the trail widens and ultimately opens up into a meadow environment. At the end of the trail sits an old steam boiler and fly wheel. They were transported here in 1887 by Nathaniel Herrick after he cleared and graded a road. His intent was to establish a saw mill. He died that year so his dream died and the old steam boiler and flywheel were abandoned. The current trail is all that I left of the road and the rusted boiler and fly wheel are monuments to his dream.


June 20 – Ouray Perimeter Trail


Directions to trailhead: Follow US #50 to Montrose. Drive south from Montrose on US#550. Follow US#550 to Ouray. Look for sign on right Visitor Center, Park Road, Perimeter Trail Trailhead.

Length of hike: 6.0 miles (loop) Beginning elevation: 7,700 ft. Elevation gain: 1,512 ft.

Description of Hike: Ouray's Perimeter Trail, a unique five miler, features the surrounding cliffs and mountains. It begins across from the Ouray Visitors' Center on the east side of US 550. (Please wear boots or sturdy shoes on this mountain trail!) Parking space is available behind the Visitor's Center. To begin, walk across the road to a large pink boulder, sign and tree. The trail starts on a wood edged path north of a planted berm behind some condos. It climbs wood stairs in the hillside to Cascade Cliff. Hike south on the cliff path .7 mile to Cascade Falls and Cascade Creek bridge. Cross the bridge, and continue uphill on Lower Cascade Trail to a right turn (.9 mile). (At the first clearing, ahead of you to the south are Ouray's signature views of Mt. Abram, 12,801', and Hayden Mountain, 11,475'. The southwest skyline shows U.S. Mountain, 13,036'. To the west are Whitehouse Mountain, 13,452', and Twin Peaks, 10,798'.) Cross the 5th Avenue Trail and continue hiking to the Amphitheater Campground Road (1.3 miles). Turn right and walk down the road .1 mile to the Baby Bathtubs Trail. Ascending this section, you will reach a shallow, often dry, crossing of Little Portland Creek with lots of little rock bathtubs (great for kids to play in). Walk uphill to the left, parallel to the larger Portland Creek, to a footbridge. Across the bridge, walk 300' to a trail fork and turn left. Here, you will enter the Three Pines Day Use Area. Go south across the picnic space and follow the trail through forest about 1,000' and exit onto Portland Mine Road. Follow the road uphill 300' and turn right into the old miners' Potato Patch. (They really grew potatoes here.) Hike across the Patch, following posts and cairns to a spartan, rocky upland of cactus and flowers in spring and summer. This is the trail's highest elevation (8,500'). Enjoy the views! (Behind and to the east is the 3,000' gray Amphitheater wall; to the west is Hayden Mountain. Downhill is US 550 and the Uncompahgre Gorge.) Descend to the highway and cross carefully, listening and looking for traffic. Turn left at the Ice Park Trail, following the hydroelectric dam access road to a trail going west downhill to the gorge and river bridge. Cross the bridge, taking time to admire the views and continue uphill to the old pipeline and a metal stile. Over the stile, turn right (north) and walk along the Ice Park access road. Past the Ice Park Reservoir (a great swimming hole for dogs), veer slightly off the road to a trail that soon crosses CR 361 and heads to the Box Caon high bridge. (If you decide to tour Box Caon Park, there is a $4 fee.) Cross the suspended bridge over Caon Creek's spectacular gorge to Ouray's old water tunnel. (The ceiling is low; watch your head.) Past the tunnel, steep stairs lead down the cliff along the gorge. The Perimeter Trail currently ends at South Pinecrest Street, a mile from the Visitors' Center. At this point, walk straight downhill to Queen Street, turn right, go a block to Oak Street and turn left. (Views to the north and east include Ouray; Gold Hill and the Blowout, 10,587'; Cascade Mountain, 11,000'; the Amphitheater and Cow Mountain, 13,111'.) Walk north on Oak Street past 7th Avenue to the City's Maintenance Shop near Fellin Park. Cross the footbridge and return to the Visitors' Center where you began.


June 21 – Hard Times Trail variation via A Great Escape
Alternative Club Hike for Folks not Going to Ouray Montrose

Directions to Trailhead: Canon City, west on #50 / Royal Gorge Blvd to First Street. Take First Street South, pass cemetery, and turn right on Temple Canon Rd. In 2.8 miles there is room for 2-3 cars to park on North side of road at Hard Times trailhead.

Length of Hike: 4 miles Starting Elevation: 6,172 Elevation Gain; 403' Difficulty: easy

Recommend: hiking poles will be helpful due to bushwhacking section.

Description OF Hike: Trail starts with Hard Times. (Pass connecting trails of Redemption and The Great Escape.) At approximately 1 3/4 miles, we will leave the trail to bushwhack roughly West and connect to the trail, The Great Escape. Turn South to follow The Great Escape back to Hard Times and back to the cars.


June 28 – St. Charles Peak (west side)

Direction to Trailhead: Drive South from Florence on Hwy #67 to the junction with #96 in Wetmore. Turn right (west) on #96 and follow 9 miles to the intersection with #165 at Mackenzie Junction. Turn left (south) onto #165 and proceed to the turnoff (right) on CR #360 at Ophir Creek Campground. Follow CR #360 about 9-10 miles– then left on CR #369. Proceed south on #369 about 4 miles to St. Charles trailhead.

Hiking Distance: 5.2* Starting elevation 11,200 Elevation gain 585* *depending on starting point

Description of hike: The hike starts with a relatively flat road and then the trail up to the top of the peak. Bring water, lunch and snack, rain gear, camera and bug spray. The view from the top is remarkable, well worth the climb.

Note: If this is your first time we recommend that you follow someone who knows the route.


Hike Leaders for May 2023

Mary McCullough: Phone: 719-276-2445
Bob Horn:
Monika Bentley:


May 3rd - Boneyard Trail

May 10th - Marsh Quarry and beyond

May 17th - Brookside Mine

May 24th - Pano Trail in Salida

May 31st - The Wrath of Grapes



 May 3rd.   Boneyard Trail



page1image53185920Due to limited parking, carpooling only. Please use cars to fit 5-6 persons per car.


Directions: From Canon City go west on Hwy 50 approximately 37 miles, just past mile

marker 244, to park on south side of Hwy 50. 1st caravan - Bob Horn will lead 2 other full cars to park close to trail, max 3 cars. 2nd caravan - Ron MacFarlane will use flashers when he is close and he will turn in overflow parking area further back. If you should pass the correct pull off to park, turn left on the next road - CR 49, which will circle back on CR50. This puts you back to Hwy 50. Drive East briefly to the correct pull off.

Difficulty: moderate
Recommend: hiking poles will be helpful due to initial steep area with uneven rocks. Very easy after that.
Starting Elevation: 6,462'
Elevation Gain: 568'
Distance: 4 miles, in & out

Description: There is a lovely pool at bottom of waterfall close to Hwy 50. Looks different depending on the season. We will need to climb over some boulders and one spot of barbed wire to get into the valley - after that it's very easy walking mostly along a jeep road, sometimes walking in a dry creek bed with gradual elevation. We will spend some time checking out a meadow littered with animal bones at 1.25 miles. Will walk further up valley to a lunch break at the 2 mile point, then go back mostly the same way. Stay together because there is mostly no trail and bushwhacking is involved.


May 10th Marsh Quarry and beyond

Directions: 15 minute drive. Go North on Field Ave, passing Dinosaur Drive/shooting range road. There are two historical quarry parking lots and we will park at the further one on the west side, (1/4 mile past the larger lot East with bathroom.)

Difficulty: moderate to hard
Recommend: hiking poles will be helpful due to bushwhacking and stepping down rock steps.
Recommend: long pants will be helpful due to scratchy vegetation in some bushwhacking areas.
Starting Elevation: 5,840'
Elevation Gain: 866'
Distance: 5 miles

Description: We will start with steep and rocky BLM trail and stop to read informational signs where dinosaur fossils were discovered. Beyond the official trail we will hike some old mining roads, do some bushwhacking and have lunch with a view on a spectacular hilltop, returning partly the same route.


May 17th Brookside Mine

Directions: 10 minute drive. South on Ash, passing Hwy 115, to Pinion Ave. Turn East and drive a few short blocks to Spring Street. Go South on Spring Street and park where you can at Spring Creek Park. There are a few spaces in the park, also street parking. We will meet at the picnic tables and bathroom to begin our hike.

Difficulty: easy
Recommend: hiking poles will be helpful, due to bushwhacking beginning of hike. Recommend: hiking shoes with thick soles, due to part of our hike where path is quite narrow and it's easier to walk alongside path among low growing cactus.
Starting Elevation: 5,381'
Elevation Gain: 180'
Distance: 4 miles

Description: City park and trail encompassing a closed mining operation. The mine itself has been filled in with concrete and is perfectly safe for browsing around. Specific sites are marked with a numbered sign and I will pass out the informational sheet for those interested. Includes some trail, some bushwhacking and dry gulch walking. After lunch at picnic tables we will stroll the rest of the park to view more exhibits and to complete our 4 miles.

May 24th Pano Trail in Salida

Directions: From Canon City go west on Hwy 50 approximately 60 miles to Salida. Park in free city parking North of the city. Our hike starts across the railroad tracks, towards East.

Difficulty: moderate Starting Elevation: 7,054' Elevation Gain: 800' Distance: 5 mile loop

Description: Nicely groomed bike trails. Starting with slightly less groomed, Lower Sand Dunes, to Upper Sand Dunes, west on road CR173 to Pano trailhead. Snack break at end of Pano and re-track back. South on road CR173 to road 176 (tenderfoot circular road) to the shortcut which bypasses Frontside and goes straight down to railroad. If someone prefers longer route on Frontside, that will be fine.


May 31st The Wrath of Grapes

Directions: From Canon City, take Hwy 50 West approximately 10 miles (Parkdale) and turn left onto CR3. In 2.5 miles the road forks and there is a fire danger sign - go left to stay on CR3. In another mile turn right to stay on CR3. At another 3 miles you will pass the Temple Canyon Park sign, then at .5 miles you will park in the lot with toilets, or if full, then wherever you can.

Difficulty: easy
Starting Elevation: 5,806' Elevation Gain: 535' Distance: 6 miles

Description: Trail begins across the road from parking lot to the South, with view of Grape Creek. "The Wrath of Grapes" Trailhead begins 1/3 mile down this riverside path where it forks to the left. Will have beautiful views of Grape Creek and trail has gentle elevation. At about a mile the trail crosses Temple Canon Road and continues on other side. Will lunch at end of trail - picnic tables at pavilion parking lot (same pavilion as trailhead for Temple Canon Trail and Watchtower Trail). Will return the same way.




Hike Summary:


April 5 - Made in the Shade to One Track Mind to Point Alta Vista April 12 - Shaw!s Arch

April 19 - YMCA Mountain
April 26 - Lookout Mountain by Texas Creek


April 5 - Made in the Shade to One Track Mind to Point Alta Vista

Distance: 5.6-6.1 miles one way Elevation gain: 637 ft. Difficulty: Moderate (due to length).

Driving Directions: From the Village Inn take Highway 50 West for 9.3 miles to the Royal Gorge turnoff (County Road 3A). Take this road 1.3 miles to the Point Alta Vista Trailhead on the right. There we will consolidate vehicles and drive towards Royal Gorge 1.4 miles and park at the Made in the Shade trailhead on the right.

Hike Description: This hike involves a car shuttle. We start at the Made in the Shade parking area and take the right hand (north) portion of Made in the Shade. At about 1.6 miles we leave Made in the Shade and take One Track Mind. At 2.2 miles we have the option of taking a half mile diversion over to the Via Ferrata and Incline at the resort to check those things out. We continue after the diversion on One track mind to Point Alta Vista, where we will get terrific views of the Royal Gorge Bridge. We then take the 1.1 mile Point Alta Vista trail back to the lower parking lot, where we shuttle drivers back to our starting point. Trail is mostly downhill to the bottom of a gully where we have to climb out to reach Point Alta Vista.


April 12 - Shaw!s Arch
Distance: 5.4 miles, Starting Elevation: 6,500!, Elevation gain: 712’ Difficulty: Easy

unless very muddy.

Driving Directions: From Canon City drive west on Hwy 50 5.1 miles to County

Road 69. Go North on 69 past the Seep Springs Trailhead at mile 6.2 and continue to mile 7.1 miles (just after mile marker 7) to a parking area on the right.

Hike Description: From the parking area, find the trail to the east and take it in a north direction (left). This trail will connect with BLM 5830 in about a half mile. You will see the remnants of an old stone structure where the trail joins BLM 5830. Turn right and continue quite a ways to a Y in the road. Take the road on the right (BLM 5830B), Continue following the BLM 5830 up the hill and across a flat to a T intersection. Take the road to the left at the tee and continue past the end of the road on a single track to get to the Arch. Expect to find amazing views from the Arch. Return on the same route. Use caution in the winter and spring the trail up the hill can be icy in the morning and very slippery mud in the afternoon.


April 19 - YMCA Mountain

Distance: 3 miles Elevation at trailhead: 6,800 ft. Elevation gain: 400 ft

Driving Directions: Approximately 22 miles (45 minutes); West on Hwy 50 for 12.3 miles to CR 3 (just west of Parkdale Bridge and access to the south entrance of Royal gorge Bridge); then south on CR 3 for 2.5 miles to junction of CR3 and CR 28 (Copper Gulch Road) turn left at this junction and continue on CR 3 approximately 1 mile to CR 3A; then go southeast on CR 3A for about 3 miles to BLM Road 6100; then north on BLM 6100 for 3.25 miles to trailhead. Be sure to turn left when you see a post that says 6100C (which is straight ahead). Park in a flat, grassy area to the right. High clearance vehicles suggested.

Hike Description: This hike is located in the Grand Canyon Hills area, south of the Arkansas River. About a third of the hiking distance is via a primitive 4 WD road; the other two thirds of the hike follows a faint game and cattle trail. Most of the hike is along a high ridge that avails tremendous vistas into the Arkansas River and Grape Creek canyons and of distant mountains and plains. The summit of YMCA Mountain provides an awesome overlook of Canon City that is close enough that you can hear the sounds of traffic. The most difficult part of this hike is reached near the final approach to the top of the mountain, which climbs 120 feet over a distance of about 500 feet (24 % slope).


April 26 - Lookout Mountain by Texas Creek

Distance: 4 miles In and out, Starting Elevation: 7,298!"Elevation gain: 1,094!"Difficulty: Moderate (due to elevation gain)

Driving Directions: From Canon City, Hwy 50 west to CR3 (Copper Gulch Road)(First road on the left after crossing the Arkansas river), turn South proceed about 13 miles to CR23 (Gulch Road) turn right continue about 3.25 miles to a dirt one lane road on the right there is a forest road number 6162 posted, take the one lane dirt track about 200 feet to an area that is wide enough to park along side of the track. High clearance vehicles suggested.

Hiking Directions: The hike begins at the pull off area alongside of the road, continue hiking north on the road staying on the main dirt track at the end of the dirt track is a turnaround. On the north end of the turnaround is a trail that continues north towards lookout mountain. The trail will continue to climb towards lookout mountain, take the time to rest and enjoy the views, as you near 1.2 mikes the trail begins a series of switchbacks that take you to the base of the vertical rock formations that form the top of lookout mountain. From here hikers will enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the Arkansas River Canyon, Pikes Peak, Wet Mountain Valley, and the Sangre de Cristo mountains.





Hike Summary:

March 1: Canyon Rim, Far Out, Le View at Royal Gorge March 8: Florence Mountain Park
March 15: Booger Red
March 22: Lariat Trail at Kane Ranch Open Space, Fountain

March 29: Overlook Trail, Seep Springs Area


March 1, 2023

Canyon Rim, Far Out, Le View at Royal Gorge

Directions to Trailhead: Go West from the Village Inn parking lot onto Highway 50, 8.9 miles to CR 3A, towards the Royal Gorge Bridge. The parking lot is on the right at 12.3 miles, the one before the entrance to the Bridge, with the vault toilet. The Trailhead is across the road from the vault toilet. We start on the Canyon Rim Trail, go 1.5 miles to the Far Out Trail sign. We turn right on Le View, go to the end, about 2.06 miles. After Le View we will continue on Far Out until it meets the Canon Vista trail, which goes past the campground and back to the Canyon Rim Trail.

Length of Hike: 5.08 miles Elevation Gain: 350 Difficulty: Easy

Description: This hike follows the contour of the Royal Gorge north rim, and great views start to appear at the .75 miles point. The apex is Le View, a rocky promontory overlooking the Gorge and hills in every direction. The Canon Vista trail adds about an extra mile, but makes it more of a loop. The pre-hike took about 3 hours, with many stops for viewing the scenery and picking up rocks.


March 8, 2023

may change the date, depending on the weather forecast)

DirectionsFrom the Village Inn Parking lot drive East on Highway 50 to the intersection with Hwy 67, at the stoplight at the airport. Turn Right, drive to Main St in Florence (Highway 115), turn left. Drive to Carl’s Jr at the next stoplight, turn Right onto Highway 67. At 4.1 miles, you will see signs for Newlin Creek Trail and Florence Mountain Park. Turn Right, continue 5.5 miles, following the Florence Mountain Park signs. We will park immediately inside the gate to Florence Mountain Park. There is parking on both sides, plus more a little farther along the road on the right.

Starting elevation: 5293 ft Elevation gain: 574 ft Hike length: About 3 miles

We will walk up the dirt road to the right about half a mile, where the road ends there is a beautiful view. We will walk down the hill to a road which turns off to the right. We will follow this road back down to the road we came in on. We will cross this road and follow another dirt road to the Amphitheater. We may stop for a snack here if it is cold, because it is a clearing and it might be sunny. This whole hike is fairly short, we may decide to skip the stop for a snack. We will return from the Amphitheater on the same road, then turn Left and go uphill towards Newlin Creek Trail. At about .2 we will turn Right up a short steep hill and walk through a meadow where they have done the Black Powder Shoots. Then back to the road and another .2-3 up the hill to a small parking area beside a pond. We will turn left and follow a trail probably started by a mountain goat, to a rock climbing area. From there we will follow a much nicer trail to a plank bridge across the creek and back to the road. We will go back down the road to our cars.

March 15, 2023

Booger Red There is a nice description of the origin of the name of this trail and comments about this trail on the Canonland Walkers and Hikers Website Former Hikes, in the PDF section. I have hiked/run this trail many times from the Bank area, which is much longer.

Directions: Take Hwy 50 west from Canon City to State Highway 9, 10.3 miles from Village Inn. Drive north on SH 9 to County Road 11 for 8.3 miles. Drive west for 14.75 miles on CR 11 to Road 5808 on south side of CR 11. (There is a large cross on the right on top of a small hill just as we reach CR 5808. Turn R at the 30 MPH and Left Curve signs. It’s a dirt road. It’s hard to notice.) We will pass through an open (BLM) green gate after .1 miles. Continue past the gate for 0.9 miles where you will encounter another gate. Continue for .26 miles to a grassy parking area. The unmarked trail begins at the gate west of the BLM information sign. Open this gate and close it after you pass through. The driving distance is about 34 miles one way.

Length of hike: 4.7 Round Trip Beginning elevation: 7,784 feet Elevation change300 feet Difficulty: Easy

Follow an old two track uphill for a short distance through an open forest of scrub oak and scattered pinion. The trail enters a large mountain meadow with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Continuing south, you will see a trail marker where the trail splits, with one trail going along the plateau to the east and the other continues along the plateau to the south. Follow the eastern trail. As it leaves the meadow, it enters a thin strip of open forest then enters into another long meadow. The trail follows the eastern edge of this meadow close to the border of a piñon and ponderosa pine forest. At the southern end of the meadow, the trail enters the forest and continues southeast along the edge of a deep ravine. There are open locations along this section of the trail with magnificent views of the canyon and mountains beyond. At .6 there is an old mine shaft on the Left. At .95 there is a very nice view on the Left. There will be a choice to go down a steep hill for about a half mile and back up, or this can be skipped. We will do a loop and return to parking area and cars.

March 22, 2023
Lariat Trail at Kane Ranch Open Space, Fountain 
Distance: 3.5 Miles RT

Directions: Leave Village Inn parking lot, travel east on highway 50 to W. McCullough Blvd, turn left. Go three miles, turn R on E. Platteville. In a half mile, turn L on N. Purcell Blvd (roundabout) and travel to I 25, go under the interstate through a single lane tunnel and turn L onto I 25 N for 20 miles.

Take exit 128, turn R, go 3⁄4 mile and Turn R on Ohio for another 3⁄4 mile. Turn L on Jimmy Camp Rd for 3⁄4 mile and R on Squirrel Creek Rd. Continue on Squirrel Creek Rd for 4.4 miles. Turn R at Kane Ranch Open Space sign. The parking area is about .2 ahead. The trail starts here, traveling mostly south, at about one half mile we will pass some Mud Flats and a Rattlesnake Habitat (stay on trail). At about 1 mile we will pass a Windmill and Water Tanks. At about 1.4 the trail splits and makes a loop. We will return to this spot and continue back to the cars on the same trail.

March 29, 2023
Overlook Trail, Seep Springs Area

Distance: About 3 miles
Beginning Elevation: 6650 ft.
Moderate. Some rocky parts, short hills a short bushwhack across a ravine.

Directions: From Canon City Village Inn drive west on Hwy 50 for 5.1 miles to CR 69 (3 Mile Rd). Go north 7.1 miles past Wilson Creek and Stone House. Continue to 5830E and park here. This road is rugged and mau require high clearance vehicles. We will hike on 5830E to T5830C to T5830B. There are beautiful views, and a large cairn with an old hand-made cross on it, with some evidence of solar lights. We will continue hiking to the intersection with 5830F and turn L and walk a few yards to a narrow ledge which looks over Garden Park. From here we will hike on 5830F to T5830B, turn Right. We will bushwhack across a small canyon, and back up to 5830E and back to the cars.


Hike Leaders for February, 2023


Sandy and Bob Dorr (303)817-5602



Hike Summary:

February 1 - Talon Point
February 8 - Eagle Rock
February 15 - Pet Memorial Trail

February 22 - Historic Goodnight Barn



February 1: Talon Point State Wildlife Area

Length: 6 miles Elevation Gain: 330 ft Difficulty: Moderate From Canon City: 30 mins. 25 miles.

Hike description: “Talon Point” trail is accessed from the North side of Lake Pueblo. Parking is in Pueblo West in a cul-de-sac adjacent to the trailhead. Trail starts on Pueblo West Metro property and immediately goes into the State Wildlife area.

The Hike is moderate. Flat areas, rolling hills with a couple of short steep climbs. Once up on top of the ridge, good views of the surrounding area, Lake Pueblo and Spanish Peaks to Pikes Peak are enjoyed. Trail goes out to the shoreline of Lake Pueblo. It is a loop trail with a short in and out.

Traction devices and poles are recommended due to Winter weather conditions and steep areas. Trail can be muddy/icy.

Directions from Canon City: Follow Hy 50 East to West McCulloch Blvd. N. Pueblo West. Turn right onto West McCulloch. Follow approximately 3 miles to West Carrizo Springs Ave. Turn right onto Carrizo Springs (Katmandu Store and Gas Station on SW corner). Follow Carrizo Springs about half a mile to S. Chimazo Dr. Turn left onto Chimazo Dr and follow to the end (3⁄4 m). Parking and trailhead is at this gravel cul-de-sac.

February 8: Eagle Rock, Lake Pueblo State Park Conservation Area

Distance: 5.5 miles Elevation gain: 535 ft Difficulty: Easy/ Moderate. From Canon City: 37 mins. 31 miles.

Hike Description: “Eagle Rock” trail is within a State Park Conservation Area. This trail is accessed from Pueblo West on the North side of the Lake. Parking will be in a cul-de-sac which is where the trail begins. This is a loop trail with one area of in and out. Flat areas, rolling hills, and short grades up to the highest ridge. Once up top there are good views of the lake, dam, and well beyond. Will be fun to find “Eagle Rock”, “Yogi Bear” and a “Baboon Rock”. Lunch will be in the State Park on picnic tables.

Traction devices, poles are recommended due to Winter conditions. Footing is mostly shale/gravel/dirt. Could be icy/muddy.

Directions from Canon City:

Highway 50 East to McCulloch Blvd. (traffic lights and Walmart). Turn right onto McCulloch Blvd, proceed to John Powell Blvd. (3.4m). Turn left onto John Powell. Proceed to S. Greenway Ave. (1m). Turn right onto S. Greenway Ave. and stay on Greenway Ave; follow until you arrive at the very end.

February 15: Pet Memorial Trail, Lake Pueblo State Park

Distance: 5-6 miles. Elevation Gain 400 ft. Difficulty: Easy/ Moderate

From Canon City: 30 min. 25 miles.

Hike Description: “Pet Memorial Trail” is in Lake Pueblo State Park. Built along a trail are memorials to many lost pets. Most are made of native stone. Interesting to see. This hike will begin on the North side of Lake Pueblo in Pueblo West. The parking area is a cul-de-sac where the trail begins. We start on Pueblo West Metro property and head into the State Park along the East side of the creek. Trail will follow Turkey Creek on the valley floor. It then climbs up to the memorial trail. Some bushwacking, rolling hills, One short steep climb. Views of Turkey Creek Valley. Trail is a loop. Return trail is above the valley floor. Footing is gravel, shale and dirt. Sandy along the creek.

Traction devices and Poles are recommended due to Winter Conditions.

Directions from Canon City: Highway 50 East to West McCulloch Blvd. N. Pueblo West. Turn right onto West McCulloch. Follow approximately 3 miles to West Carrizo Springs Ave. Turn right onto Carrizo Springs (Katmandu Store and Gas Station on corner). Follow Carrizo Springs about half a mile to S. Chimazo Dr. Turn left onto Chimazo Dr. and follow to the end(3/4m). Parking and trailhead is at this gravel cul-de-sac.

February 22: Historic Goodnight Barn, Lake Pueblo State Park

Distance: 4.5 miles. Elevation Gain: 244 ft Difficulty: Easy From Canon City: 34 miles. 43 mins.

Hike Description: “Goodnight Barn” hike begins in Lake Pueblo State Park. Parking is on the South side of the Arkansas River at the end of Cottonwood Rd. in the Cottonwood Picnic area. Leaving the parking lot we will cross the pedestrian bridge to the North side of the river. Trail follows the north bank of the river, east past the Rock Canyon Swim Beach, through tall cottonwood trees and river bottom wildland areas. In 2 miles we cross the Valco bridge back over the river and end up at the Goodnight barn. From the Goodnight Barn we will hike back along the South side of the river through "Valco Ponds" back to our cars.

Directions from Canon City: Hy 50 East to McCulloch Blvd. (traffic lights and Walmart). Turn right and proceed to S. Nichols Rd. (North Park entrance). Turn right onto Nichols and go into park where the road name changes to “Juniper”. Follow Juniper through the park to Cottonwood Rd. Turn left into the cottonwood picnic area. Parking will be at the end.







 Hike Leader for January 2023

Kevin Borre







All hikes meet at the Cañon City Village Inn at 9 am.

Hike Summary:    

January 4: Watchtower

January 11: Five Points Gulch

January 18: Shaw’s Arch

January 25: California Dance Hall


January 4th 2023


    Directions:    From Canon City, Hwy 50 to South 1st street turn left on 1st street proceed to Temple Canyon Road (CR3) turn right onto Temple Canyon Road, At 4.2 miles on the right is a small sign “Day Use Parking”, this is the east end of the trail. For the west end of the trail continue about 1.5 miles west to a Sign “Temple Ridge Picnic and Camping” turn right at sign, drive to end of road. 


    Starting the trail from the east end parking area look for the trail to start on the west side of the parking area. The trail generally has a downward trend heading west, at around the two-mile mark look down into the canyon to find an old mine. Continuing west bound the trail runs into Temple Canyon Road, follow Temple Canyon Road west and the trail will pick up again on the right side of the road. The trail will pass a picnic pavilion on the left using the pavilion as a destination will result in a 5 mile in and out hike, continuing westbound on the trail will take you to the western trailhead and the trailhead and picnic area of the Temple Canyon Hike, at about 4 miles one way in length the hike returning to the east parking area results in an 8 mile hike, if you decide to follow the road from the trailhead out to Temple Canyon Road and hiking east to the east parking area on the road it will shorten the hike by about 1 mile. Great scenic views.


January 11th, 2023

Five Points Gulch

    Directions:    From Canon City go west on Hwy 50 approximately 20 miles. The entrance to Five Point Trail is about 520 feet before Hwy mileage marker 257, the entrance is on the east side of a large concrete culvert, (you could drive a truck through it). Proceed past mile marker 257 about ½ mile there is a pull off on the left used for road maintenance, turn around in this maintenance area and proceed back east on Hwy 50 passing mile marker 257 about 520 feet and park on the right side of the highway, walk back to the culvert and follow the trail on the east side down into the gulch. The trail starts at a fence that spans the gulch.


    The trail follows the streambed that formed the gulch, there are some large boulders that you will need to navigate over or around, patches of trees and a few stream crossings that can be made without difficulty. The hike can extend past the 1.75-mile point but is overgrown with vegetation and becomes difficult past this point. Steep rock walls with lots of mica and pink granite line the gulch. On occasion you may discover holes dug alongside the streambed, these are made by prospectors who then pan the sand for gold. 

January 18th, 2023

Shaw’s Arch

    Directions:    From Canon City drive west on Hwy 50 5.1 miles to County Road 69. Go North on 69 7.1 miles to a parking area on the right, from this trailhead it is a 7.1-mile round trip to the arch, if desired continue north to a second open area found on the right from this area it is a 5.4-mile round trip to the arch. If you have a high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle you can continue north to a Y in the road County 69 bends to the left and climbs a narrow one lane path, BLM 5803 goes to the right and continues through Red Canyon Park, from this entrance continue about ¾ mile to BLM 5830B (first Y intersection on the right) follow BLM 5830B about ¼ mile to the base of the hill. Parking at this point it is 1.4 miles to the arch.


    From the trailhead take the trail on the north side of the parking area, this trail will connect with BLM 5830 at BLM 5830 turn right and continue to a Y in the road Take the road on the right (BLM 5830B), From the open area found past the trailhead follow county 69 north to a metal gate BLM 5830 (west entrance to Red Canyon Park) follow BLM 5830 to a Y in the road Take the road on the right (BLM 5830B), Continue following the trail up the hill to a T intersection take the trail on the left to the Arch. Expect to find amazing views from the Arch. Use caution in the winter and spring the trail up the hill can be icy in the morning and very slippery mud in the afternoon. January 25th, 2023

California Dance Hall 

    Directions:    From Canon City, go west on Hwy 50 to the north entrance to the Royal Gorge Park, CR3A, turn left onto CR3A and continue to the first Parking area on the right, just past the entrance sign for the Royal Gorge Park.   


    The hike starts at the west side of the parking area, follow the trail through the stone passageway under the road, at the first trail intersection follow “Dream Weaver” to the left. Continue on Dream Weaver as it crosses a road and climbs up a hill, upon reaching the top of the hill look down into the valley and to the east at far end of the valley as it climbs you will be able to see the ruins of the “California Dance Hall”, “bushwhack” a route down to the bottom of the valley, you will come to a barbed wire fence, (the fence was put up to keep cattle off of the trails), on the other side of the fence is the remains of parts of the “Priest Canyon Road” which was built in 1911 to make it easier for folks to get to the Royal Gorge. Follow the fence line east as some point you will need to cross over the fence to access the remains of the “Vista Lodge” which was owned and operated by the “Reel California Girls” two women that worked in the silent movie productions that were filmed in the Canon City area in the 1920s. The building caught fire in 1925 under questionable origins, some believe that the local KKK had some involvement in the fire. When leaving the ruins go south again crossing the fence line, bushwhack up to the top of the ridge where you will find a stone foundation of an observation platform that was built as an attraction for the Vista Lodge’s customers. Continue south, there is an old track to follow, over the crest of the ridge and down the other side where you will rejoin the Dream Weaver Trail, follow it to the right back to the trailhead.