The monthly Meeting of the Canonland Walkers and Hikers is held on 2nd Wednesday at El Alazan Restaurant: 1925 Fremont Dr. Canon City (between Shell gas station and Village Inn restaurant, on the north side of I-50) at 10:30 A.M.

Meeting starting at 11 A.M. 


Notice:  Daylight savings starts in April, time to change our start times to 8 A.M. starting in April.









May 17th            Five Point Gulch                                      Leader: Arlo Dupont

Meet at Village Inn.  A moderate to difficult hike.

Take Hwy. 50 to mile marker 260.  Park on south side road by bridge, Trail access is beneath the bridge. Distance to trail is 22 miles.  Hike distance is about 6 miles.  Elevation gain 1360 ft.


May 24th            West Bear                                                   Leader: Arlo Dupont

This is a moderate to difficult hike.  Meet at VI.  Take Oak Creek Grade south about 12 miles.  Parking is on the east side of the road.


Mar 31st            Sand Creek                                                 Leader: Arlo Dupont

This is an easy hike.  It is north of Red Canyon Park off Red Canyon Road.  The trail loops to three climbing wall. There are additional side trails.  The distance to the trail is 14 miles.  It is a 4-mile hike and a favorite of Arlo’s.



June 2017Hikes          Planned by Tim Wilder


6/7/2017          Oil Well Flats                      Leader:  Chris & Karen Talbot

Directions:  Field Street to Red Canyon Road 2.2 miles 

Red Canyon Road 3.7 miles – right on dirt road.  First available right hand turn after crossing 4 Mile Creek.  4 Mile Creek to parking lot.

Hike: 3 miles approximate – Various terrains.  Will choose trail depending on road condition. Travel Distance: 12 miles


Length of hike:4.5 miles

 Rel. Difficulty: 3.6

Elevation gain:550 ft



6/14/2017          Royal Gorge Rim Trail                       Leader:  Tim Wilder

Direction to trailhead:  Drive west from Cañon city on state Highway 50 to the North entrance to Royal Gorge Park.  Turn onto the Park access road (CR 3A) and continue for 3.6 miles.  There will be a paved parking area on your right and the park entrance is just ahead.  The trailhead is just across the access road on the side opposite the parking area.

Length of hike:  1.53 miles-one way.

Hiking Time:  About 1.0 hours

Difficulty:  Relative Difficulty: ~ 1, Easy

Beginning elevation:          6742

Elevation gain: 49ft.

Description:      This is a new trail, created in late 2016 by members of the Mile High Youth Group.  Funding was provided by a grant from Greater Outdoors Colorado. The clearly marked trailhead is across the road (3A) from the parking area.  The trail immediately splits.  Take the trail to your right (west).  The first half of the trail takes you through an open forest of junipers and pinion pines along the south side of a short park road (381B) with picnic and restroom facilities.  Commonly seen along this trail are Cholla, prickly pear cacti and the smaller leafed plains prickly pear, with its white needles and at times large mats growing close to the ground.  This prickly pear can be hazardous since at times it can be camouflaged among grasses and other plants that make it difficult to see.  You also will see interesting rocks and outcropping of pink feldspar.  In some of these rocks and outcroppings you may see inclusions of silvery mica or white quartz. After you pass the turnaround loop at the end of the park road the trail takes you along the rim of the Royal Gorge.  The views of Royal Gorge and the Arkansas River below are absolutely impressive.  You can see far down the Arkansas River to the east, and if you look carefully, you can see the Tunnel Drive Trail on the southern side of the river,.  A little further down the trail you have an excellent view of the Royal Gorge Bridge.  The trail then takes a turn to the east, crosses the park road just after the loop turnaround.  The trail then intersects the south side of the trail.  Follow the trail back to the trailhead and the parking area.


6/21/2017          Lion Canyon –Oak Creek Grade                   Leader:  Tim Wilder

Direction to trailhead:  Take 9th Street South to traffic circle.  Take 3rd exit (west) onto Elm Street, then to Oak Creek Grade on the left (south).  Drive South on Oak Creek Grade for approximately 12 miles to Oak Creek campground entrance on left.  Drive down the entrance road for ½ mile to parking area and trail head.

Length of hike:  5 miles (round trip)

Hiking Time:  About 3.3 hours

Difficulty:  Moderate

Beginning elevation:  7751 feet

Elevation gain:  1,426 Feet

Description:  This hike starts on the east side of the campground where it climbs steeply as it parallels a small creek.  It is littered with small rocks so care needs to be taken to prevent tripping or stubbing a toe.  The trail passes through a narrow, heavily forested canyon for most of the way.  Tall Aspen, Douglas fir and white fir are the dominant trees with some ponderosa pine also.  Scrub oak, small cherry trees (pin cherries?), dogwoods, prostrate junipers, wild roses, gooseberries and mountain maples are frequently seen along the trail as well.  Wild flowers depending on the season such as deep blue larkspur, geraniums yellow senecio, yarrow and harebells add color to the trail.  Near the top, the canyon widens allowing sunlight to penetrate the forest, making it much more cheerful and bright.  At the top, the trail leaves the forest and enters a very large meadow, Locke Park, with scattered pine trees.  The views from here are magnificent including the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  This is a great location to have a picnic before heading back down the trail to the trail head and parking lot.


6/28/2017          Stultz Trail (East)                                       Leader:  Tim Wilder

Direction to trailhead:  Take 9th Street South to traffic circle.  Take 3rd exit (west) onto Elm Street, then to Oak Creek Grade on left (south).  Drive south on Oak Creek Grade for approximately 8.4 miles to the dirt parking area on left.  The trailhead is on the east side of the parking area.

Length of hike:1.8 miles (round trip)

Hiking time:  about 2 hours

Difficulty:  Easy with steep and slippery slopes

Beginning elevation:  6374 feet

Elevation gain:  526 feet

Description:  Although this hike is not long, the ascent to the ravine below is very steep and slippery in places.  This is not a trail to hike when it is wet or covered with snow and/or ice.  The upper part of the trail takes you through an arid landscape of scrub oak an mountain mahogany with scattered juniper, yucca and fragile prickly pear.  As you descend the side of the hill, there are magnificent views of rock formation.  The vegetation changes with Ponderosa pine and white fir dominating the landscape when you reach the bottom of the ravine.  The lower part of the trail takes you along a mountain stream with a few waterfalls along the way.  You have to cross the other crossings although they are not difficult.  Occasionally you have to climb down up or around large boulders.  Some of these locations area difficult and also can be slippery.  The views of the stream with its waterfalls and the interesting rock formations on the cliffs above make this hike well worth the effort.  The end of the trail opens up with plenty of places to stop for a snack or lunch.  From here you turn around and hike back to the trailhead and parking lot.