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Upcoming Schedule of Wednesday Hikes 




Upcoming 2021 Hikes:




October 20 – Turret Trail (Ruby Mountain) --  Browns Canyon National Monument


Direction to trailhead: Take U.S. Highway 50 west past Salida to Poncha Springs. At the traffic light (intersection of U.S. 50 and Colorado State Highway (CSH) 285 turn right (north) and continue north on CSH 285. Drive past Nathrop for about 2 miles to CR 301, the Fishing Bridge exit. Turn right then drive across the Arkansas River on the bridge, continuing north on this gravel road for about 0.6 miles to the intersection with CR 300. Turn right onto CR 300 then continue as the gravel road turns east then south, taking you past the Ruby Mountain Recreation Site located next to the Arkansas River. Continue past the campground on CR 300 for about ½ mile to the parking area and trail head at the end of the road. The trail begins on the south side of the parking area close to the restroom and information signs. About 75 miles one way from Canon City.


   Length of hike: 3.6 miles
   Beginning elevation: 7708 feet
   Elevation change: 262 feet
   Difficulty: Easy - Moderate


Description:  This hike takes you along the western side of Ruby Mountain and its extensive area of white perlite embedded with volcanic glass.  At 0.2 miles from the trailhead, a side trail to the right takes you up to the top of Ruby Mountain.  We will save this trail for the end of the hike.  As you proceed along the main trail it takes you up along the side of Bald Mountain, first to the east and then to the south through a large area of interesting rock formations of rhyolite and granite.  The trail continues to gain in elevation until it reaches its highest elevation (7970 feet) at the top of a long ridge.  The trail then descends down the side of the ridge into a large ravine that opens up to the south onto the flood plain of the Arkansas River.  It continues south until it reaches the River Bench Trail (T6045A).  Take the River Bench Trail west and follow it down to the Arkansas River.  This a good place to relax, eat a snack or lunch, and watch the floaters go by, before returning back to the short trail to the top of Ruby Mountain.   The upper part is steep.  You need to go up the final about 30 feet on hands and knees, then slide down this upper section as you descend back down to the main trail.  The hike to the top is worth the effort.  As you walk around the summit you have panoramic views of the entire area, including the majestic Sawatch mountains to the west 



October 27 – The Tights - Temple Canyon Road


Direction to trailhead: Starting from the intersection of US 50 (Royal Gorge Boulevard) and South 1st Street; drive south on 1st Street approximately 5 miles to Temple Canyon Road. Turn onto Temple Canyon Road. At 4.0 miles you will see a faded Temple Canyon Park sign. This is where Temple Canyon Park begins. Continue driving for another 2.34 miles and just after you go through several sharp switchbacks you will see a bathroom and parking area to your right (north). Park here. The trail begins just across Temple Canyon Road. About 9.8 miles one way from Canon City.


   Length of hike: 2.3 miles (one way)
   Beginning elevation: 5866 feet
   Change in Elevation: 130 feet
   Difficulty: Moderate


Description: A sign located on the south side of Temple Canyon Road marks the entrance to the trail.  The trail takes you south then southwest along the eastern side of the grape creek ravine and about forty to fifty feet above the creek.    After 0.42 miles you will reach a green metal gate.  Unhook the chain, walk through then reconnect the chain before continuing down the trail.  Soon thereafter, the trail descends down to Grape Creek and the first stream crossing at 0.57 miles from the trailhead.  The landscape is relatively flat and wider near this creek crossing, with willow thickets and junipers and a few cottonwoods scattered throughout.  

 The ravine narrows along this section with the ravine walls extending high above the creek.  The trail takes you uphill along a narrow ledge until it levels off before reaching a second green metal gate located 0.72 miles from the trailhead.  After you go through and close the gate, continue along the trail, crossing a small rockslide. The ravine walls decrease in height as you continue to the second stream crossing located 1.16 miles from the trailhead.  This stream crossing and the next three are similar to the first one. The trail continues on the eastern side of the creek, gradually increasing in elevation, reaching the third stream crossing at 1.35 miles from the trailhead.   From here until after the fifth stream crossing, the trail remains in the bottom of the ravine.  Willow thickets and junipers become more common.

The trail then continues on the eastern side of the creek, soon making a broad turn to the west around the end of a ridge.  If you look over to the eastern side of the stream you will see a trail that goes up a narrow ledge on the eastern side ravine wall, ending at a mining site.  As you continue along the tail, you can get a good look at this site with a pair of binoculars.  Just past this site and closer to the creek, you will see two caves.  They are the entrances to two additional mines. 

At the western end of the ridge, the trail drops down to the creek and the fifth stream crossing at 1.87 miles from the trailhead.  The canyon floor is larger at this location.  Just after the stream crossing, the trail continues to your right (north) going up the side of a ridge, gaining in elevation above the creek.  After about 1/3 mile, you will reach an area where the trail has been washed out.  To continue further up this trail, you will have to climb down this depression and up the other side. 

If instead you decide to continue hiking closer to the creek, you will have to make your way through the edge of a willow thicket that extends down to the water.  A short distance further, you will reach another stream crossing and find it impossible to continue further along the ravine floor.




                          NOVEMBER 2021 HIKES


      3 Voodoo Loop Trail
     10 Paint Mine Interpretive Park
     17 Pronghorn Trail, Outer Limits TraiL
     24 Blackmer Loop and Zook Loop at Cheyenne Mountain State Park


Nov. 3 : Voodoo Loop Trail – Lake Pueblo State Park

Direction: From Canon City to Wetmore on Hwy 67 for  21.8, then take Hwy 96 east – for 18.3 miles; trail head ( parking ) is at the left hand side of the highway.
Total driving  mileages is 40.1.

   Length  8.7 mi  
   Elevation gain  160 ft  
   Route type: Out and Back 
   Rating:  Easy to moderate

Description : Voodoo Trail is a 8.7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Pueblo, Colorado that features a lake. The trail is good for all skill levels



Nov. 10 : Paint Mine Interpretive Park – Calhan, CO.

Direction: From Canon City to Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs to Calhan through Hwy 24; The last street in town – N Calhan Hwy: turn right, continue for couple hundred feet, and can see the sign “ Print Mine Interpretive Park “ turn left on Print Mine Rd, continue,  it will turn from east to south, then the parking can be seen on the left hand side. DON’T MISS THAT.
Total driving mileages – 80.1


   Length 3.4 miles  
   Elevation gain  334 ft  
   Route type: Loop
   Rating:  Easy to moderate

Description : Fantastical sandstone hoodoos, and other weird geological formations made of sand and colorful clay, brought ancient Native Americans to this spot as far back as 9,000 years ago to collect clay for colorful pottery and today the Paint Mines Interpretive Park remains a geological wonder hidden on the eastern plains in El Paso


Nov. 17 : Pronghorn Trail, Outer Limits Trail – Lake Pueblo State Park

Direction: [similar to Nov. 3] - From Canon City to Wetmore on Hwy 67 for  21.8, then take Hwy 96 east – for 19.4 miles; trail head ( parking ) is at the left hand side of the highway.
Total driving  mileages is 41.2.


   Length  8.7 mi  Elevation gain  160 ft  
   Route type: Out and Back
   Rating:  Easy to moderate


Nov. 24 Blackmer Loop and Zook Loop at Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Direction: From Canon City going east to Hwy 115 --- 10.9 miles ; going north toward Fort Carson Army Base – turn left from JL Ranch Height Rd. ( turn right will be Nelson Blvd -- Fort Carson Army Base main entrance !!!! ) continue driving up hill to the visitor center – Rest, ask question, get trail map and so on – then drive to Prairie Falcon Amphithestre ( trail head ).
Total driving  mileages is 40

   Length  4.55 mi 
   Route type: Loops 
   Rating:  Easy to moderate