Meet at Village Inn parking lot at 8:00 am every Wednesday during summer: 

1837 Fremont Dr. Canon City


Upcoming Schedule of Wednesday Hikes 



Meet at 8:00 am for October Hikes.  November Hikes beginning at 9 AM.  


October 2, 2019  

Royal Gorge – Made in the Shade / One Track Mind

4.3 miles 


Drive west of Canon City on Hwy. 50 to Hwy #3A -  entrance of Royal Gorge Park.  Turn left [south] and continue to the lower County Road 3A parking lot.  It is small, and you are asked to park head-in on the north side of the lot.  The Made in the Shade Trailhead is there, and will lead to One Track Mind.


The newest addition to the Royal Gorge Park Trails is partially complete - but enough is there to start the packing in process.  The "One Track Mind" trail departs from Made in the Shade and begins the journey to Point Alta Vista (also currently under construction).  The trail skirts hillsides in the Gorge and borders on Royal Gorge Ranch and Resort Property which is under construction.  This trail will ultimately connect to Point Alta Vista.


  October 9 
Temple Canyon Trail


Beginning elevation: 6095 feet
Change in Elevation: 476 feet



 Drive south from US 50 (Royal Gorge Boulevard) on 1st Street for approximately 5 miles to Temple Canyon road. Turn onto Temple Canyon Road which changes from paved to gravel after 1.5 miles.  At 4.0 miles you will see a Temple Canyon Park sign.  Continue driving for another mile until you see a dirt road on your right (north). A brown sign located on the left side of the road reads, “Temple Ridge Picnicking and Camping Area”. This road takes you to the Temple Canyon trail head. After ¼ mile the entrance road splits, with a picnic pavilion, and camping and parking areas on the right. The two roads merge as the road continues past this picnic site. Continue driving down the road until it dead ends at a dirt parking area with another covered pavilion, and camping area. The trail head is located to your left (south) on the side opposite from Temple Canyon. About 8.5 miles one way from Canon City. 


The trail descends gradually at first as it winds around the western side of the hogback mesa, then the rate of descent increases rapidly as the trail descends along a number of switch backs around the west and north side of the hogback into the valley below.  The views are magnificent, as you round the end of the hillside and see the rugged walls of Temple Canyon and Grape Creek below.  As you hike down the trail you will pass by Rocky Mountain junipers, pinion pines, mountain mahogany bushes with their plumose flower appendages and skunk sumac, large, three-leafed non-poisonous bushes related to poison ivy. At the bottom you pass small groves of aspen and willows as you walk along the bank of Grape Creek.  The trail up to the Temple is easy to see but rough with large rocks that have to be climbed around or over.  As you reach the upper end of the ravine the trail turns to the east entering a short side ravine that dead ends at a rock wall identified by a long, thin, green, vertical, marking. The trail to the temple continues to the left of the marking with a climb of about 10 feet. The trail then continues through a narrow canyon to the Temple, a large alcove cut into the side of the granite cliff by erosion
Temple Canyon was fought over by the Ute and Apache Indian tribes before it was discovered by European settlers in the late 1800’s. Evidence still exists of old wagon train and stage coach tracks, Indian trails, and an old railroad right of way intended to connect Canon City with the silver mines in the Wet Mountains..


  October 16 
Marion Mine Trail

Length of hike: About 4. miles (round trip) 
Beginning elevation: 8852 feet
Elevation Gain: 840



Drive east from Canon City 5.8 miles US 50. Turn right (south) on Colorado  # 67  Continue on CO 67 for 11.4 miles through Florence to Wetmore. Turn right on CO 96 and continue for 11.1 miles to CO 165 (Greenhorn Highway). Drive south on CO 165 for 18.32 miles,  past Lake Isabel, then turn right (west) at the Lake Isabel Recreational Area entrance. Shortly after you turn onto Park Road 371 you will reach a guard shack. There will be a daily U.S. Forest Service fee unless you have a pass or National Park Service Golden Age Pass.   Drive west about 1.9 miles to the Cisneros 1314 trail head.



This is very nice Wet Mountain hiking trail, which should be hiked between June and October because of the snow accumulation.  The trail follows the Cisneros Trail (Trail 1314) for the first mile. For the first approximately half mile, it goes in a westerly direction along the north side of the St. Charles River ravine. The ascent along this section is moderate. It then turns sharply to the south continuing along the rim of the St. Charles River ravine. The trail then makes a bend to the northwest, leaving the ravine and continuing generally in a northwest direction to the intersection with the St. Charles Trail (Trail 1326). The Cisneros Trail continues to the west. The St. Charles Trail heads northwest. Stay on the Cisneros Trail. After another 0.5 miles the trail again splits. The Cisneros trail continues southwest. A smaller sign indicates the Marion cabin and mine trail heads northwest. Take the Marion trail. Follow it for 0.45 miles to the cabin, and another 0.21 miles to the mine. The trail takes you through a forest of tall white fir along the lower elevations that gradually change to Colorado blue spruce and stately aspens along the higher elevations. The picturesque St. Charles River parallels the trail on the lower part of the trail and the Amethyst Creek along the Marion Trail. There are great views of the mountains and interesting outcroppings to the east.




October 23
Vindicator Loop


Take Highway 50 West to highway 9 turning right.  Follow Highway 9 to County Road 11 and turn right at County Road 1 to Cripple Creek.  In Cripple Creek continue on to Carr Avenue turning right at First Street.  Then take the first left onto East Bennett Avenue finally turning right on state Highway 67.  Continue on Highway 67 to Victor.  In Victor, #67 is Diamond Ave.  Follow Diamond Ave east, and then it turns north – becomes #81.  Follow #81 and Vindicator Loop will be on your left [west].

Vindicator Loop Trail is one of the best interpretive trails in the area.  Maintained trails weave through the remains of the gold mines of the late 1800's - early 1900's.  Old Miners homes & lots of head frames are scattered through the area.   A lot of old structures still remain, including explosives magazines.  Informational signs give a short course on the story of active mining district.  If you are interested in Colorado’s gold mining history, this 2.2 mile trail is for you.  An addition to the loop will put the length of the hike over three miles.   Some hikers may want to return to Cripple Creek for lunch or ice cream.



   October 30 

Badger Creek Trail


Initial Elevation: 8,784 feet
Elevation Change: 314 feet
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate



Take US 50 west from Canon City to State Highway CO 9.  Drive north on CO 9 for about 10.8 miles to the intersection with Tallahassee Road. Turn left (west) and continue west on Tallahassee Road for about 25.15 miles to the unnamed entry road to the Badger Creek Trail. This unmarked dirt road is easy to miss! About 44.3 miles one way from Canon City. 



This is a very pretty trail that takes you along Badger Creek as it slowly descends down a very pretty ravine, with interesting rock outcroppings (Figurer 3) and spectacular cliffs. There are several small waterfalls and ponds as well as small willow-covered marshy areas as you hike down the trail, when the stream is full of water.  This is an excellent location to see big horn sheep who come down to the stream for water.

There are some rocky ridges projecting out from the base of the mountain to climb up and over, as well as some stream crossings. The trail begins at the southwestern side of the parking area, and goes up and over two small ridges that project out from the western side of the mountain to the edge of the stream. The trail reaches its highest elevation (8,808 feet) at the top of the second ridge. From there the trail drops down the side of the ridge, reaching the stream then makes a broad curve around a large ridge that projects down to the stream from the eastern side of the ravine. It continues generally to the south, then after about 1,17 miles turns to the southeast. Around another ridge, the trail reaches a large rock formation projecting from the east side of the ravine down into the stream.  There is a waterfall flowing into a picturesque pond.


NOVEMBER HIKES led by Kevin Borre:

11/6/2019 - Beaver Creek Riparian Area  * It would be a good idea to pack water shoes.  Some people have tied trash bags on their feet.  
Length of hike: 4.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 200’
Difficulty Rating: Easy

Directions: Hwy 50 East left on Hwy . Phantom Canyon Rd. 1.7 miles to CR 123. Turn right East 1/4 mile to CR 132. Upper Beaver Creek Rd. Turn left 8.1 miles Trailhead on right.

Description:  Hike follows old roadway that parallels Beaver Creek.  Hike requires crossing Beaver Creek at the beginning by crossing an old fallen tree that may or may not still be there.  Old buildings and great valley to see.

Tuesday, 11/12/2019 - Moonlight Hike - Anglers Trail.
Length of hike: 2 miles in and out.
Meeting time and place: Sunset will be at 4:51 PM.  We will meet at the Village Inn at 4:15 PM.

Directions: From Canon City, go west on Hwy 50 11.4 miles to Copper Gulch Road( the first road on left past the Arkansas River).  Turn left drive 2 tenths of a mile to the trailhead parking found on the left.

Trail begins at the south end of the parking area.  It was developed with the assistance of Anglers to provide easy access to the Arkansas River for fishing.

11/13/2019 - Newlin Creek (Florence)
Length of hike: 5.4 miles in and out.
Elevation Gain: 1,450'

Directions: From Village Inn proceed to Florence on Hwy 115, turn south on Hwy 67 and proceed south for 4.3 miles to County Road 15.  Turn west and follow the road past Florence Mountain View park to the trailhead apx 3-4 miles.

Description:  Newlin Creek is small.  There are about 23 creek crossings. The hike ends at a saw mill built by Nathaniel Herrick in the late 1800’s. The stream boiler and flywheel are still at the site. The mill was abandoned.

11/20/2019 - Shaws Arch
Length of hike: 7 + miles round trip
Directions: West on Hwy 50 turn right onto CR69.  Go north about 6.2 miles to Trailhead on right.  From the northwest corner of the parking lot take trail 5380A (unmarked) about 1 mile to road 5830 (the road that goes through Red Canon Park). Proceed east about 1.13 miles to a large grassy meadow. Follow the road to the south of the meadow to the base of the hill where the trail to the Arch begins.  This route avoids driving on the very rough road.

11/27/2019 - Sand Gulch *At the Village Inn, we will decide where to leave specific cars.

Directions: North on Red Canyon Rd. to the Banks turnoff.  This is the last road on the left before Red Canyon Road turns into Shelf Road.  We will leave a car at the lower parking lot to be used to transport the drivers of the remaining vehicles back to the top of the road where the hike will begin.

Description: The hike will start at the top of the Banks Campground area and proceed down Sand Creek finishing at the lower campground area a short walk from the lower parking lot.  There awesome rocks to navigate around as we proceed down Sand Creek.  The views of the dry creek bed and the climbing walls are great.