Meet at Village Inn parking before at 8:00 am every Wednesday during May thru September: 

1837 Fremont Dr. Canon City

[and before 9:00 am on every Wednesday during October thru April]



Upcoming Schedule of Wednesday Hikes 




                       August 4 Millset Trail #1317
                       August 11 Undine Falls #622
                       August 18 Bartlett Trail #1310
                       August 25 Greenhorn Trail #1316

August 4 - Millset Trail 


Directions to trailhead:   From Canon City: take Hwy 115 to Florence. From  Florence drive south on Highway 67 to Wetmore. Turn right onto Hwy 96 West.  Continue on Hwy 96 to Hwy 165. At Hwy 165 turn left and drive south until you reach Mile Maker 24 (you will pass Lake Isabel and Bishop’s Castle).  From the Camp Jackson sign you will drive another 0.4 mile to parking area. The turn into the parking area/trailhead is on right at the mile marker. The parking area is small, so it would be best if hikers can car pool for this hike.  From Pueblo: Take I25 south toward Walsenburg.  Take exit 74 for Hwy 165 West.  Drive west  on #165 through Colorado City and Rye to trailhead on left.

Length of Hike: 4-5 miles round trip out and back, break for lunch at turnaround point.

Beginning elevation: 7,880’
Elevation Gain: 1,648 - 2,141 (depending on turnaround point).
Rating: Difficult


Description: The trail leaves the parking lot heading south through private property for 0.2
mile. The trail crosses a ridge and begins a slight downhill under a power line. From there the trail climbs steeply at times. We will hike past 3 meadows to an area with numerous downed trees where we can stop for lunch. Return the same route.  Wild flowers, scenic vistas.



August 11 – Undine Falls via 7 Bridges Trail


Directions to trailhead: Canon City – Hwy 50 to Penrose. From Penrose on Hwy 115 travel 31 miles to E Cheyenne Road. Left onto E Cheyenne Rd 3.5 miles to Cresta Rd. Turn right onto Cresta Rd. Follow Cresta Rd to Cheyenne Blvd and turn left onto Cheyenne Blvd. As you continue to follow Cheyenne Blvd it turns into Gold Camp Road. Stay on Gold Camp Road all the way to Parking lot #18 (large parking lot at the very top of Gold Camp Rd).


Length of Hike: 3.4 miles out and back
Beginning elevation: 7,520
Elevation gain: 912 feet
Rating: Easy


Description: From the parking lot walk to the Northwest end of the lot and continue NW on the gravel railway bed to the trail marker #622 on your right. Follow the 7 Bridges trail (mostly shaded and follows the creek) till you pass the 7th bridge. At the 7th bridge, go left on trail and stay alongside the creek, then take a sharp switchback to the right at the sign #622 and continue to the falls which flows over low angle slabs to the left of the trail. Numerous areas around the 7th bridge for a lunch break.


August 18 - Bartlett Trail #1310


Directions to trailhead: Canon City east on Hwy 50, 7 miles to Hwy 67. Turn right/South on Hwy 67 and follow to Wetmore – turn right (west) onto Hwy 96, follow west to Hwy 165. Turn left (south) onto Hwy 165 and travel 16 miles to Boulder Ave in Rye. Turn right/south onto Boulder Ave for 0.9 mile to Granger Dr. Left/East onto Granger Drive for 0.2 mile, then turn south onto Hunter Rd. Follow Hunter Rd 0.7 mile to Baxter Rd. Turn west/right onto Baxter Rd and follow it 0.5 mile, then turn south/left. Follow Bartlett Trail Rd 2.6 miles to limited parking. The road prior to the limited parking area can be very muddy when wet. When this section of road is wet from the limited parking area, high clearance vehicles can follow the road another 0.3 mile to a larger parking area and the trailhead. We will be driving to the larger parking area and trailhead.

Length of Hike: 5 miles round trip - out and back

Beginning elevation: 8,000
Elevation gain: 1,200’
Rating: Difficult


Description: We will head west from parking lot to a registration box and a junction (about 2 minutes up the trail). We will take the right fork at the junction, following some switchbacks and good views. The first mile to mile and half, the trail is narrow with vegetation close to the trail. We will hike to North Apache Creek (a sizable creek) and stop there for lunch. Return the same route.


August 25 – Greenhorn Trail 


Directions to trailhead: Canon City east on Hwy 50, 7 miles to Hwy 67. Turn right/South on Hwy 67 for 23 miles to Hwy 165. Turn left onto Hwy 165 and travel 16 miles to Boulder Ave (Rye). Turn right/south onto Boulder Ave 0.2 mile to Main Street. Right onto Main to junction of Park Rd and Cuerno Verde Rd 0.6 mile (right fork). Follow the Cuerno Verde/Park Road for 1.5 miles, where it makes a 90-degree turn south. Continue south 0.2 mile to a small parking area. This parking area is small, it would be best if hikers can car pool for this hike.


Length of hike: 5.0
Beginning elevation: 7,475
Elevation gain: 1,254
Rating: Difficult


Description: From parking area we will descend a hill to the Greenhorn Creek crossing a bridge right away. We will stop at the registration box to sign in. We stay on the south side of the creek for the next 2 miles. At one point the trail goes down the east side of the wide creek bed and we will walk over rocks to get back to the dirt trail. The trail will cross two small side creeks (1.25 and 1.7 mile) and will split after the second crossing. At the second creek crossing we will have to cross over on a couple of logs (so poles will be helpful for keeping your balance and steading yourself walking the poles). Shortly after crossing over on the poles we will cross over another part of the creek using rocks in the creek (again poles will be helpful). We pick the main trail up again once we get on the other side of the creek and will hike till we reach the first small rockslide area. Just above the rockslide, we will come to an area with rocks, trees and shade where we can break for lunch. Hopefully, by end of August the creek flow will down and it is easier to cross.







                                    Hikes for July 2021


                      July 7 Horse Thief Falls / Pancake Rock
                      July 14 Hobart Canyon Trail
                      July 21 Angel of Shavano Trail
                      July 28 Browns Creek



July 7  – Horse Thief Falls – Pancake Rocks –


Direction to trailhead: Take US 50 west for 10 miles to CO 9 (Figure 1). Turn right (north) onto Colorado (CO) 9 then continue for 8.6 miles to County Road (CR) 11 (High Park Road). Drive 18.5 miles to CR 1 then turn right onto CR 1 and continue to Cripple Creek. From Cripple Creek take CO 67 north for about 8.8 miles to the old sealed up tunnel (Figure 2). The trail head and parking areas are just to the south of the boarded up tunnel (Figure 2) on the east side of the highway. About 60.2 miles one way.


Length of Hike: 6 miles out and back
Beginning elevation: 9683 feet
Elevation gain: 630 feet
Difficulty: Easy


Description: From the trailhead the trail goes southeast up a 345 foot incline (Figure 3) that parallels the highway. At the end of the ramp the trail makes a sharp curve to the north and continues for 500 feet where it turns east, following the marshy shoreline of Oil Creek. After 3/4th of a mile from the trail head, the trail intersects another trail (WP1). This other trail goes north to the Horse Thief Playground. The Horse Thief falls/Pancake Rocks trail continues east and after another 1/4th miles intersects the Pan Cake Rocks trail which heads south (WP2). Continue east on the Horse Thief falls trail for another ½ mile through a spruce forest to the water falls. As you reach the falls the trail crosses a stream then climbs up a steep, rocky ascent on the northwest side of the falls. The trail can be wet and slippery so caution is advised.  Those hikers wishing to extend the hike to include Pancake Rocks may do so by taking the Pakcake Rocks trail – south for two miles to the Pancake Rocks overlook. From WP2 the trail climbs steadily and steeply for about 1.3 miles with several sharp turns, and gaining about 800 feet in altitude. This lower section of the trail goes through a spruce forest with wild flowers adding color in scattered small meadows where sunlight reaches the forest floor. As the trail gains in elevation, bristle cone pines begin to appear among the spruce. As you continue to gain in elevation they become more common and larger in size. After you reach the highest elevation (11041 feet), the trail takes some short descents and ascents, going through mountain meadows surrounded by Colorado blue and bristle cone pines. The trail loses about 134 feet in elevation as it descends to the Pancake Rocks at the end of the trail. The pancake rock formations are well worth the hike, as are the fabulous views to the south, southeast and southwest. 


July 14 – Hobart Canyon Trail

Direction to trailhead: Travel e a st on highway 50 to Phantom Canyon Road then turn north and
continue for about 13.4 miles until you come to an rusty orange-red colored, steel, bridge curving around to the left (west). The trestle bridge is the only bridge remaining from the railroad line left that carried coal and supplies to Victor and gold ore down to Florence for smelting. It is listed on the Register of National Historic Places. Information about this bridge is provided on informative signs located directly across Phantom Canyon Road from the trail head. The parking area is on the right side of the Phantom Canyon Road just before you reach the bridge. The unmarked, gated trail head is located just north of the parking area to your right. About 19.4 miles one way. 


Length of hike: 3.75 miles (round trip)
Beginning elevation: 7141 feet
Elevation change: 319 feet
Difficulty: Easy


Description: At the trail head, go through the gate, closing it after you pass through. The trail parallels the east fork of Eight Mile Creek for about 0.94 miles. The creek then divides with the East Fork turning to the left (west). Holbert Cabin is located on the west side of the east fork just after the stream divides (Figure 2). Please do not disturb this historic cabin. The trail follows the other branch as it meanders to the right (east). The trail slowly gains in elevation and crosses the stream a few times as it passes through stands of white firs and scattered Fraser firs and ponderosa pines (Figure 3). Willows and cottonwood trees are scattered along the stream bank. Rocky cliffs are visible at times through the trees (Figure 4). Near the end of the trail you pass by a second cabin nestled in the trees so that it is easily overlooked. Just beyond the cabin is a second gate taking you onto BLM property. Again, shut the gate after passing through. The trail ends a couple hundred feet beyond the gate. The trail continues but is difficult to locate and stay on. If you want to continue further just stay close to the stream bed so you don’t get lost. 



July 21 – Angel of Shavano Trail

Direction to trailhead: From Poncha Springs turn right on Hwy 285 and then left again proceeding west on Hwy 50 to Maysville for 6 miles. Turn right on Chaffee County Road 240 and proceed 4 miles to Angel of Shavano campground sign. Trailhead is off right side.

Length of Hike: 4.6 miles round trip (In and Out). 
Beginning elevation: 9200 feet 
Elevation change: 70 feet Difficulty: 
Easy to Moderate


Description: This hike is moderate for 0.8 miles with a vertical climb of 450 feet and the trail is rocky in places.  Then trail enters a cool forest glade and on to beautiful aspen groves.  The trail here and beyond is well developed, easy and goes up and down gently.  A good lunch/turn around is where the Blank Cabin Trail intersects in a meadow that makes the one-way distance 2.3 miles.  Since this is a part of the Colorado trail, the hike could be extended if the group decides.



July 28 – Browns Creek

Directions to Trailhead:  Take US 50 West past Salida to Poncha Springs.  At the traffic light – intersection of US 50 and US 285 – turn right (north) and continue 17.5 miles on #285 to CR 270.  Turn left (West) onto #270 and continue for 1.5 miles to a 4-way intersection.  Continue west on CR 272 for 2 miles where it makes a 90 degree to the left (south) continue south for 1.62 miles to the parking area and trailhead.  The trailhead is located on the northwestern side of the parking area.  A restroom and information signs are located on the west side of the trailhead. 


Drive Distance to Trailhead:  About 85.3 miles one way from Cañon City.
Length of Hike: 6.2 Miles RT
Starting Elevation: 8912
Elevation Gain:   1053
Description of Hike:  This is a fun and challenging hike to a spectacular waterfall.  The hike has plenty of variety that will keep your interest including meadows, pine, and aspen forest. You will be treated to many views of Mt Antero, and even get to test your balance by crossing Browns Creek via small log bridges.  Be sure to take a lunch, your camera, good shoes, and plenty of water.   The trail starts with a moderately steep switch trail.  At mile 1.4 stay left.  After crossing the bridge at mile 1.7, stay right on the Little Brown’s Creek Trail.  It will open up into a beautiful meadow and crosses the creek a couple of times.  After about mile 2.5, look for a sign on the left of the trail at foot level that says ’Falls’.  Turn left and follow the trail for .2 miles to the falls.  In the spring and early summer, the falls are quite large and impressive.



                JUNE 2021 Hikes


June 2, 2021   The Bank at Red Canyon Park


Length: 4.16 Loop
Starting Elevation: 6,866
Elevation gain 452

From Canon City go north on Field Avenue. Turn right (north) continue to Red Canyon Rd turn right (north) continue past the entrance to Red Canyon Park to where Red Canyon Road turns into Shelf road, entrance to the Banks is on the left. Follow the gravel road about 2 miles to the top of the mesa and parking area. 

The trail starts on the north side of the parking area, a service road leaves the parking area to the north and proceeds down into the canyon, it is common to find climbers scaling the rock walls on the north side of the canyon. Continue on the road 2 miles past a stone quarry or caves to an old wind mill. At this point backtrack about 1/8 of a mile to an open area that slopes down on the south side of the trail, look closely at the east side of the open area and find a stone campfire ring. At this point you will find a little used trail that proceeds east from the open area then turns southward becoming a long-ago abandoned road, this trail will take you to the top of the ridge and ultimately back to the parking area. Great views of the canyon and climbing walls are found.  


June 9, 2021  Lookout Mountain by Texas Creek

Length: 3.5+ In and out
Starting Elevation:  7,298
Elevation gain: 1,094

From Canon City, Hwy 50 west to CR3 (Copper Gulch Road)(First road on the left after crossing the Arkansas river), turn South proceed about 13 miles to CR23 (Gulch Road) turn right continue about 3.25 miles to a dirt one lane road on the right there is a forest road number 6162 posted, take the one lane dirt track about 200 feet to an area that is wide enough to park along side of the track. 

The hike begins at the pull off area alongside of the road, continue hiking north on the road staying on the main dirt track at the end of the dirt track is a turnaround. On the north end of the turnaround is a trail that continues north towards lookout mountain. The trail will continue to climb towards lookout mountain, take the time to rest and enjoy the views, as you near 1.2 mikes the trail begins a series of switchbacks that take you to the base of the vertical rock formations that form the top of lookout mountain. Great views of the 


June   16, 2021    Granite Arch on Little St Charles Creek - San Isabel

**High clearance / 4-wheel vehicle to reach the trailhead.

Distance 4.138 [out and back]
Starting Elevation 8114
Gain [loss] 559

Highway 50 East to Highway 67, turn right. Highway 67 south to Westmore.  Turn right (west) on Highway 96, to Highway 165.  Turn left [south] on drive 22 miles south on Highway 165.  You will  pass Bishops Castle and Lake Isabel.  There is a public bathroom immediately across [to the left, east] of the Lake.  A good place for a last stop before the trailhead.  Between Mile Markers 22 and 23 on Highway 165, take a left on Robb Road.  Turn left [east]  on Robb Road, which is marked by a regular street sign.  Take Robb Road .6 mile downhill to its intersection with Old San Isabel Road.  Turn left (northwest) onto Old San Isabel Road and follow it for .2 mile to [San Carlos Road] FSR #320.  The trail is # 8032, also identified on some maps as FSR #326.  Drive across the bridge and up to the trail head.  

Hike Description:
This is a 4.138 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located in the southern Wet Mountain area, and features wild flowers and picturesque vistas. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding.  The trail heads east and south through rolling varied forest, and then switchbacks downhill to the Little St. Charles Creek.  Once at the creek, follow the creekbed eastward to the Arch on the far side.  There are ways across the creek without getting your feet wet.  It is a good idea to bring hiking sticks, poles or a staff for the last part of the hike to the granite arch, which spans 33 feet, and the height is 45 feet.  The arch is truly a hidden gem.



June 23, 2021    BNSF Tunnel at Swissvale

Length: 3.63 Out and back
Starting Elevation: 6,753
Elevation Gain: 107

From Canon City go West on Hwy 50.  Turn right on Route 45 proceed About 4 miles crossing under a railroad underpass follow the road to the right to a parking area on the left.
This trail follows the Arkansas river, there are interruptive signs along the river, look closely for small signs indicating mining claims. Follow the road from the parking area back past the railroad underpass, continue to a point where the road allows easy access to the abandoned railroad tracks, follow the tracks to and through the tunnel , you can continue on the tracks to the next railroad bridge (crossing Badger Creek), or drop back down to the road and follow it east to badger creek. Backtrack the same route to return to the parking area.  


June 30, 2021    Bear Creek

Length: 4.09 Loop
Starting Elevation: 7,663
Elevation Gain: 696

From Canon City go west on Hwy 50 to Colorado Hwy 9. Turn right (north) continue to CR 11 (High Park Road). Turn right (east) drive about 5.2 miles to Deer Haven Park CR 69. Turn right proceed about 2.57 miles to a two-track dirt road on the left there is a trail sign T5826A identifying the area, look closely it is easy to drive past. Turn in by the trail marker sign and park. 

From the parking area follow the two-track path (Bear Hill Trail) north, it gradually ascends a meadow, after about a half mile the track crosses a more prominent two-track road, follow this road to the left, it proceeds up a steeper grade to the top of a ridge with a view of Deer Park Road CR69. At this point turn around and return back down the trail continuing past the trail that you came in on and bearing left following the meadow to the left side. You will find two separate ravines on the left, both ravines are worth exploring. The second ravine that you find has Bear Creek flowing down it, there are multiple creek crossings but the creek is narrow and easily stepped over. After exploring the ravines continue following the left side of the meadow around some marshy ground cross over the earth dam to the parking area.  




                                                              May 2021 Hikes


May 5, 2021 Ecology Park - Grape Creek Trail

Directions:     From Cañon City take 1st Street south to Temple Canyon Road to Ecology Park Trailhead.

Starting Elevation:              5631 ft.
Elevation Change:               178 ft.
Distance:       3.24 miles in and out

Follow the main trail west to the bottom of the hill, proceed through a fence opening and continue in a westerly direction. Route from here will depend on the  Hiker’s Leader’s discretion.  Depending on the water level, there may be a creek crossing or two, so consider bringing hiking staff and water shoes or waders.  It will be an out-and-back.   


May 12, 2021 Royal Gorge – Made in the Shade


Take Hwy 50 to County Road 3A towards the Royal Gorge for 2.5 miles. It's the first parking lot on the right (west) and the trailhead starts immediately west of the parking lot.
Drive west of Canon City on Hwy. 50 to Hwy #3A -  entrance of Royal Gorge Park.  Turn left [south] and continue to the lower County Road 3A parking lot - first parking lot on the right. The trailhead is immediately west.

 The trail angles westward on established trails, and  skirts hillsides in the Gorge, with views of the hills and gorges.   This is a loop, and with be 3 -4 miles, with about 625 feet of elevation change.

May 19, 2021 Moove Over Trail

Drive South on Field Avenue to Red Canyon Road, then follow the hike leader to the Garden Park Road parking area.  Plenty of parking on the right.  10 minute drive.   7 miles.

Length  2.5 to 3.5 Miles [depending on route]
Elevation change: 450 feet

We’ll follow a steep rocky trail up from Garden Park Road to the Oil Well Flats trail system where we’ll take the ‘Moove Over’ trail.  Some rate this as moderate because of the climb up.   



May 26, 2021          Lion Canyon –Oak Creek Grade              

Direction to trailhead:  Take 9th Street South to traffic circle.  Take 3rd exit (west) onto Elm Street, then to Oak Creek Grade on the left (south).  Drive South on Oak Creek Grade for approximately 12 miles to Oak Creek campground entrance on left.  Drive down the entrance road for ½ mile to parking area and trail head.

Length of hike:  5 miles (round trip)
Hiking Time:  About 3.3 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous
Beginning elevation:  7751 feet
Elevation gain:  1,426 Feet

Description:  This hike starts on the east side of the campground where it climbs steeply as it parallels a small creek.  It is littered with small rocks so care needs to be taken to prevent tripping or stubbing a toe.  The trail passes through a narrow, heavily forested canyon for most of the way.  Tall Aspen, Douglas fir and white fir are the dominant trees with some ponderosa pine also.  Scrub oak, small cherry trees (pin cherries?), dogwoods, prostrate junipers, wild roses, gooseberries and mountain maples are frequently seen along the trail as well.  Wild flowers depending on the season such as deep blue larkspur, geraniums yellow senecio, yarrow and harebells add color to the trail.  Near the top, the canyon widens allowing sunlight to penetrate the forest, making it much more cheerful and bright.  At the top, the trail leaves the forest and enters a very large meadow, Locke Park, with scattered pine trees.  The views from here are magnificent including the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  This is a great location to have a picnic before heading back down the trail to the trail head and parking lot.