The monthly Meeting of the Canonland Walkers and Hikers is held on 2nd Wednesday at El Alazan Restaurant: 1925 Fremont Dr. Canon City (bet


Starting in April, time to change our start times to 8:00 A.M. at Village Inn in Canon City


May 2018 Hikes


May 2

Name                   Directions                                                      Length           Elev.      Elev.      Difficulty

                                                                                                                              Init        Gain

                                                                                                                  4.6 M             6126      515          Easy  RD 3.           Trail Gulch           Drive east from Canon City on State Hwy 50 to traffic light for Four Mile lane (N) Mackenzie Blvd

Trail                      Turn left (N) onto four Mile Lane then take the first (immediate) right (east) onto CR 123

Upper Beaver     Continue east on CR 123 for 12.22 miles to the intersection with CR132 (Beaver Creek Road).          Turn

Creek Road                left (north) onto CR132 and drive 8.1 miles to the parking  area.  The trailhead is at the northern end of the r                                      rectangular parking area.


May 9                 Road Cleanup and Meeting Day






May 16                                                                          Length    Elev.      Elev.      Difficulty

                                                                                                                                 Init        Gain

4M      7079      451     Moderate  RD3.6

S (Tender

Foot Mtn.)

Arkansas Hills

Salida                    Take US Hwy 50 west to Salida.  Turn right (east) on North F Street and drive to the end of the road at

the Arkansas River.  Cross the bridge and park in the large parking area.  To reach the trailhead,

walk about .02 miles across the railroad tracks and dirt road.  Follow the dirt road up between a cluster of buildings located at the bottom of Tender foot Mountain (The “S” Mountain).  You will see the trail running southeast to northeast along the bottom of the mountain. About 58 miles one-way from Canon City.



May 23                                                                            Length    Elev.      Elev.        Difficulty   

                                                                                                                                   Init        Gain                                  Direction                                                                                                   2.52M      6792       579          Easy  RD 3.3

     Drive west on Hwy 50 for about 12.3 miles to CR3 jut west of Parkdale Bridge.

     Turn left (south) unto CR3.  After 2.54 miles you will reach the intersection with CR28 (Copper Gulch Road                Continue left (east) on CR3.  After another 1.1 miles you will pass the intersection with CR3A, the south                    entrance to Royal Gorge Park.  Continue southwest on CR3 for another 1.1 miles to BLM Road 6100.  This                  road is easy to miss.  It is a dirt road on your left (north).  It goes through a gate with a chain that locks the                gate during inclement weather.  The road climbs sharply from CR3 then continues for about 2.7 miles to a                Y intersection.  Take the road to the left (northeast and follow as it turns southeast and after about 1.1 miles         from the Y intersection, it reaches a large opening on the right.  Pull into this meadow and park.  It is highly             recommended only 4-wheel drive high clearance vehicles are driven on this road.  It is very rough over  several       sections and also very slippery when wet.

May 30                                                                           Length    Elev.      Elev.      Difficulty 

                                                                                                                               Init        Gain

Direction                                                                                              3.52M    7656      445            Easy              

                              From Canon City go 5.8 miles east to Royal Gorge Blvd/US Hwy 50.  Turn right (south)

                              On Colorado (CO) 67/Phantom Canyon Road.  Continue on CO67 for 11.4 miles

                              through Florence to Wetmore.  Turn right on CO 96 and continue for 11.1 miles to

CO 165 (Greenhorn Highway).  Continue south on CO 165 for 18.32 miles past Bishop’s

Castle towards San Isabel.  Continue south on CO 165 past San Isabel for 3.83 miles

then turn left (east) onto Old San Isabel Road.  Follow Old San Isabel Road for 3.83

miles to Forest Service Road (FSR) 320.  Turn left (north) on FSR 320 and drive for 0.32 miles to parking area next to the creek and just before or after the bridge.  If FSR is muddy it is recommended you park at one of the parking areas located on west side of the road just after you turn off Old San Isabel Road.  It is about 0.3 miles from this upper area down to the lower parking areas next to Little St. Charles Creek.  About 15.8 miles one way from Canon City.  


June hike                                                                                                 


  Kim Lins        
  Lon Drennen        
  Sharon Whitney        
6/6/2018 Name Directions Length Difficulty  
  Banks Take 19th Street and turn right on Central, Turn left on Fields, Merge unto Red Canyon Road. Approximately 13 miles is the turn off for the Banks, just before the payment ends. Parking lot is at the top of the hill. 3.5 miles Easy  
6/13/2018 Name Directions Length Difficulty  
  Oil Well Flats Take 19th Street and turn right on Central, Turn left on Fields, Merge unto Red Canyon Road. Turn left at the Oil Well Flats sign. This road is 5940, turn left on 5941 to 5941A to parking lot. 4 miles Easy  
6/20/2018 Name Directions Length Difficulty  
  Newlin Creek Direction to trailhead: From Florence, turn south on State Hwy 67 for 4.3 miles to County
Road 15. Turn west and follow CR 15 for 6.3 miles to trail head. You will pass the entrance
sign for Florence Mountain Park and a house on the left. The road is very rough with deep ruts
from the house to the trail head, a distance of about 0.4 miles. Shortly before you reach the trail
head and the end of CR 15, there is a small parking area to the left and a pond just beyond.
There also is a small parking area to the left of the trail head. About 22 miles one way.
Beginning elevation: 6,750 ft.
Elevation gain: 1,360 ft.
Description: The Newlin Creek trail parallels and crosses the creek at 18 locations as you
climb about 1,360 feet in elevation from the trail head to the top of the ravine and the end of the
trail. The first crossing is made across a wooden bridge. The rest have to be done by walking
across logs and rocks and possibly also by stepping into water.
6.2 Miles Difficult  
6/27/2018 Name Directions Length Difficulty  
  Alkali Gulch Take Hiway 50 west to the Vallie Bridge Recreation Area Turn-off, Road 45. Cross the Arkansas River and follow this gravel road until you pass a cemetary. Small parking lot is just up the road a short distant. Approx 3.5 Miles Moderate  

There are some large boulders in three spots at the beginning of the hike which are difficult but the remainder of the hike is easy




July 4          “Rainbow Trail” - Hayden Creek Road, Coaldale option - Holiday

Length of hike: 5 miles

Beginning Elevation: 7708 Ft.

Elevation Gain: 1476 Ft.

Difficulty: Moderate


July 11          “Dakota Ridge Trail” - Hogbacks – Cañon City

Length of hike: 3.98 miles

Beginning Elevation: 5560 Ft.

Elevation Gain: 440 Ft.

Difficulty: Moderate


July 18          “Venable Falls Trail” - Westcliffe

Length of hike: 5.33 miles

Beginning Elevation: 9041 Ft.

Elevation Gain: 1410 Ft.

Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult


July 25          “Foose Creek Trail” - Monarch

Length of hike: 4.54 miles

Beginning Elevation: 9560 Ft.

Elevation Gain: 659 Ft.

Difficulty: Moderate


August 2018 Hikes

August 1               Booger Red Trail

Take US 50 west from Cañon City to CSH9.  Drive North on

CSH 9 to County Road 11.  Drive East 14.7 miles on CR11 to Road 5808 on south side of CR11  (there is a large cross on top of a small hill just before you reach Road 5808).  You will pass through an open (BLM) green gate after 0.1 mile.  Continue past the gate for 0.9 miles where you will encounter another gate.  You will have to open this gate.  Close gate after passing.  Continue for 0.9 miles to a grassy parking area.  There you will have to open this gate.

Travel Distance          33.9 miles one-way

Trail Data               3.65 miles RT

Beginning Elev.  7803 ft.

Elev. Gain              120 ft.

Rel. Diff.                1.2


August 08             Road Cleanup Day

Meet at CC Recreation Center to conduct quarterly cleanup of Raynolds Ave.  Followed by monthly meeting at El Alazan at 11 AM  10:30 for chatting.


August 15             Five Points Gulch

Drive West on Cañon City on US 50 for about 20 miles.  The entrance to 5-Pont Trail is about 520 feet before highway maker 257.  Continue driving past the mile marker for aprox. ½ mile around the ongoing wide curve. Then carefully make a U-turn using the wide area on the east side of the highway.  Be careful because highway traffic can be heavy!  Drive back to mile marker 256 and continue for about 520 feet to the second opening in the canyon on the shoulder of US 50 just beyond the opening to 5-Points Gulch.  Then walk back to the opening and down into the gulch for about 200 feet where you will reach a wire gate.  The trailhead is on the other side of the gate.  Be sure to close the gate.

Often see numerous wild animals

Travel Distance          29 miles one-way

Trail Data               3.4 miles RT

Beginning Elev.  6075 ft.

Elev. Gain              903 ft.

Rel. Diff.                1.8


August 22              Green’s Creek Trail

Take US 50 West past Salida to Poncha Springs.  At traffic light (intersection of US 50 and CSH285) turn right 9 (North) continuing on US50 for 2.55 miles to CR220.  Turn left on Cr220 and drive for approx. 1.6 miles where it intersects with CR221.  Turn left onto CR 221 and drive for approx. 0.9 miles until you arrive at a dirt parking area and the trailhead to the Green Creek Trail.  From the parking lot, walk approx. 300 feet Southwest to the trailhead. 

Travel Distance          60 miles one-way

Trail Data               3 miles RT

Beginning Elev.  9863 ft.

Elev. Gain              630 ft.

Rel. Diff.                4.5


August 29              Horse Thief Falls

Take US50 West for 10 miles to CSH 9.  Turn right (North) onto CSH 9.  Then continue for 8.6 miles to CR11 (high Park Road).  Drive 1.8 miles to CR1 and continue to Cripple Creek.  From Cripple Creek take CSH67 North for about 8.8 miles to the old sealed up RR tunnel. 

This trip affords an opportunity to visit the excellent Cripple Creek Museum along CSH 67.

Travel Distance          59.6 miles one-way

Trail Data               3 miles RT

Beginning Elev.  9863 ft.

Elev. Gain              630 ft.

Rel. Diff.                4.5