The monthly Meeting of the Canonland Walkers and Hikers is held on 2nd Wednesday at El Alazan Restaurant: 1925 Fremont Dr. Canon City (bet




Starting in October, time to change our start times to 9 A.M. at Village Inn in Canon City






                                           March Hike



March 7:
Deer Haven =E2=80=93 T5828B Loop

Directions to Trailhead:  Take US 50 west 9.7 miles to Colorado 9.  Turn ri=
ght (north) onto CO 9 and continue for 8.6 miles to County Road 11 (High Pa=
rk Road).  Turn right onto CR11 and continue for about 5.2 miles to CR 69. =
 Turn right onto CR69 and proceed .8 miles to Road 5828 on your right.  Fol=
low Road 5828 for .7 mile through a gate to a large dirt parking area and t=
he trail head.  About 25.1 miles one way.

Length of hike:  3.87 miles

Beginning Elevation:  8213 feet

Elevation Gain:  253 feet

Difficulty:  Easy

March 14:
Club Meeting =E2=80=93 Hike to be determined

March 21:
Warmer Gulch Trail =E2=80=93 Guffey

Directions to trailhead:  Take US 50 west from Canon City to State Highway =
Drive north on CO9 for 18.7 miles.  Large dirt parking lot is inside a gate=
 that must be closed after entering.  The unmarked trailhead is located at =
a green gate in the northwest corner of the parking area.  Gate must be clo=

Length of Hike:  3.9 miles one way

Beginning Elevation:  8272 feet

Elevation Gain:  432 feet

Difficulty:  Moderate.

March 28:
Grape Creek Bridge

Directions to trailhead:  First street to Temple Canyon Road (3).  Drive 6.=
3 miles to Bridge.  Park in bathroom parking lot before crossing bridge.  T=
rail begins across the road.

Length of Hike:  4.2 round trip

Elevation gain:  281 feet

Difficulty:  Moderate.  Crosses Creek twice each way.



APRIL 4th: Dawson Mountain (New)

DIRECTIONS TO TRAILHEAD: Route 50 West to 1st Street, South on 1st Street to Tempe Canyon Road and turn right approximately 3.8 miles to trailhead on left. NOTE 100 yards past Hard Times trailhead.

LENGTH OF HIKE: 3+ miles, out and back


DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate

DISCRIPTION: Take the ravine south up to the end which puts you on an old mining road at the foothills of Dawson Mountain. The Copper King Mine is located on top of Dawson Mountain. We will take the road east approximately ¼ miles then take the ridge north back to Tempe Canyon Road and the vehicles. This is very scenic and good views of Wet Mountains and Pikes Peak.

APRIL 11th: Meeting Day: South Canon—Mutton Bustin Trail (Eagle Wing)

DIRECTION TO TRAILHEAD: Starting from the intersection of Route 50(Royal Gorge Boulevard) and south 1st Street: Drive south on 1st Street Approximately 0.46 miles to New York Avenue. Turn right (west) and drive about 0.62 miles to South Canon Trails parking area on left and up a short incline on the left (south side) of New York Avenue. The well-marked trailhead is located on the southwest corner of the parking area.

LENGTH OF HIKE: 1.37 miles one-way.



DESCRIPTION: The trails and trailheads are well marked. From the trailhead, the trail goes southwest for about 0.14 miles then intersects the Schepp Ridge Trail. Stay on the Mutton Bustin Trail as it continues southwest. There are several up areas of grasses and shrubs and scattered junipers. As you travel up the trail you will have good views of Canon City and the mountains to the north and rounded hills along the valley. Return on Wagon Trail to parking lot.


APRIL 18TH: Sand Gulch Road (New)

DIRECTIONS TO TRAILHEAD: Route 50 west to State Highway 9, right (north) and continue for 6.9 miles to Sand Gulch Road on left or west side of road. Drive through gate and park on side of dirt road.

LENGTH OF HIKE: Approximately 4 Miles


DIFFICULTY: Easy to moderate (some bush whacking)

DISCRIPTION: Take the road west to the second ravine. Turn south and continue up the ravine to the end of the ravine which will end at the top of Cottonwood Ridge. There is an old abandoned mine and great views from this ridge. We will continue down from the ridge into Cottonwood Ridge Trail,left,( east) at the bottom. The old two track road will lead east back to highway 9 and then north back to the vehicles.



APRIL 25TH: (Leader John Kearney) Hike to be determined later