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The monthly Meeting of the Canonland Walkers and Hikers is held on 2nd Tuseday at 11: am at Mr. Ed Restaurant:  1201 Royal Gorge Blvd. Cañon City, CO 81212 




NAME: Cañon Vista,

 DIRECTIONS: Highway 50, left on 3A, 3miles to road                                          

  Summer Trail            to campground.  Parking at circle.

  To Far Out, to

   Le View the Rim

   Trail (Royal Gorge)

 LENGTH :     3.39 miles       

DIFFICULTY:   Moderate

ALTITDE:  6753'-7052'



 NAME:Red Rock Canyon, Open Space, Colorado Springs

DIRECTIONS: Take Hwy 115 to Colorado Springs.  

Turn left on Cheyenne (Safeway on one    corner and McDonalds on the other). 

Turn right on 8th Street to Hwy 24 West.  In

about 3 miles turn left on Ridge Road. 

Park in the first parking lot past the traffic circle.

Distance from Cañon City: 49 miles.

Start on Mesa Trail, then turn left on Roundup

Trail, then left on Quarry Pass Cutoff. 

Here we can stop for snack and/or rest. 

Then back Red Rock Canyon Path past pond and pavilion. 

Turn left to Parking lot to return to where we started.

LENGTH : 3.43  miles 


ALTITDE:  Beginning 6075’  with gain 482'



May 2019 Hikes

Remember that May will be the change of time to 8:00 A. M.


May Hikes

5/1/2019                        Jerry Johnson/Pam Bellamy      Table Mountain Trail North – Upper Beaver Creek

Direction to Trailhead:  Drive east from Cañon City on State Highway 50 to traffic light for Four Mile Lane (N/Mackenzie Blvd. (N).  Turn left (N) onto Four Mile Lane then take the first (immediate) right (east) onto CR123.  Continue East on CR123 for 12.2 2miles to the intersection with CR132 (Beaver Creek Road).  Turn left (north) onto CR132 and drive 8.1 miles to the parking area.  About 17.15 miles one-way from Cañon City.

Length of Hike: About 5 miles (round trip)

Beginning Elevation:          6131’

Elevation Change:          473 ft.

Difficulty:          Easy to moderate depending on weather conditions.Rel.D.=3.4

Description:  The combined Trail Gulch and Table Mountain trailhead heads northeast following a dirt track.  After about 0.18 miles from the trailhead, the trails split with the Trail Gulch heading north (left).  The Table Mountain Trail continues northeast along the northern side of Table Mountain.  It has wonderful views of Gulch Trails to the north and of the surrounding mountains.  A note of caution – the first part of the trail is steep and rocky, and when the trail is wet this section can be muddy.


5/8/2019                        Jerry Johnson/Pam Bellamy    Lookout Mountain Trail  (From Gulch Road)

Direction to Trailhead:  Drive West on Hwy 50 to Copper Gulch Road.  Turn right on Copper Gulch Road and follow it for about 13 miles to Gulch Road (CR 23).  Continue for about 3.25 miles to dirt road on right (north) where you will see a trail/road sign (6162).  Turn right and follow the dirt road about 175 ft. to area wide enough to park. There is not trailhead marker.  Recommend 4-wheel vehicles.  About 39 miles one-way.

Length of Hike: About 4 miles (round trip to peak)

Beginning Elevation:  7,387 feet

Elevation Change:  About 1,000

Difficulty:  Moderate     Relative Dif.=6.2

Description:  This hike starts at the parking area.  We will hike up this dirt road about two-thirds of the way then continue along a narrow trail to the summit.  From there we can walk around the front of the large outcropping that is the summit of Lookout Mountain.

This is a pretty trail with great views of the Sangre and Wet Mountains.  It also has lots of interesting rock outcroppings and also interesting rocks.


5/15/2019                        Jerry Johnson/Pam Bellamy      Squirrel Creek Trail

Direction to Trailhead:  From Cañon City go 5.8 miles east on Royal Gorge Blvd. (US HWY 50).  Turn right (south) on Colorado (CO) 67 (Phantom Canyon Road).  Continue on Co 67 for 11.4 miles through Florence to Wetmore.  Turn right on CO 96 and continue for 11.1 miles to CO 165 (Greenhorn Highway).  Continue south on CO165 for 7 miles just past Bishop’s Castle.  Turn left onto FSR 382 (at the trail sign) and travel 1.24 miles on the dirt road to the Davenport Picnic area.  One-way distance is about 48 miles from Cañon City.


Length of Hike: About 5 miles (round trip)

Beginning Elevation:  8461 feet

Elevation Change:  930 feet

Difficulty:  Easy,  Relative Dif.=6.1

Description:  This trail has a fascinating history. In 1919, the US Forest Service selected the Squirrel Creek area as a major recreational site.  Through the vision of landscape architect Frank Waugh and the master plan of landscape architect Arthur Carhart a road from Beulah was constructed along Squirrel Creek.  Also constructed was an Adirondack campground and picnic shelter and from 1923-24 the two story Squirrel Creek Lodge.  Unfortunately a major flood destroyed the road, campground and lodge in 1947.  Remnants of three structures including the lodge foundation and bridge supports can still be seen.

The Squirrel Creek trail loses elevation as it heads in a southeastern/eastern direction along Squirrel Creek, following ravines, crossing a rockslide area and over ridges.  After about 1.75 miles from the trailhead and 10 steam crossings, the trail reaches the foundation of the old Squirrel Creek Lodge.  We will continue down the trail for another 0.7 miles or so before heading back up the trail past Davenport Campground and to the parking area.  The trail continues for another 1.3 miles to the intersection of Dome Rock Trail, and after another ¾ mile to the replacement Adirondack-style pavilion and picnic area.  Unfortunately, this lower section of the trail and the camping/picnicking facility are infrequently used because of the distance from the Davenport trailhead.  When this facility was constructed you could hike up a relatively short distance to it from the Beulah side of the creek.  The current owners of the land just below the southern end of the trail will not allow hiker to cross their property.



5/22/2019                        Jerry Johnson/Pam Bellamy

Little Rainbow – Methodist Mountain – Salida

Direction to Trailhead:          Take US HWY 50 West to Salida.  Turn left (South) on CR107 (Divide Dr).  CR 107 is located at the first traffic light West of McDonalds.  Continue South on CR107 for about 0.75 miles, and then continue south on Cr 108 for approximately

1.3 miles to the Little Rainbow Trail.  The trail is accessed from both sides of the road.  For the hike, take the trail from the Eastern side of CR 108.  About 33 miles one-way from Cañon City.

Length of Hike:  Approximately 5 miles (round trip)

Beginning Elevation:  7643’ 

Elevation Change:  About 110’

Difficulty:  Easy ,  Relative. Dif= 0.8

Description:  This is an easy hike with little elevation gain.  The trail takes you along the Eastern side of Little Rainbow Trail and the first section of the Race Track Trail.  It is located south of Salida with great views of the city located below.  It also has excellent views of Methodist Mountain located to the South.  There also are interesting hoodoos along a section of the Race Track Trail.


5/29/2019                        Jerry Johnson/Pam Bellamy

Marion Lake from County Road 396

Direction to Trailhead:  From Florence, take Colorado 67 Southwest to Colorado 96.  Take a right (West) on Colorado 96 and continue to the junction with Colorado 165.  Take Colorado 165 South to Ophir Creek Road (County360).  County 360 is just North of Bishop’s Castle.  Turn onto County 360 and follow this gravel road for 12.42 miles as it takes you over cattle guards and through gates.  After about 8.16 miles and a sharp turn to the Southeast the road becomes County Road396.  Continue on CR 396 and after you pass mile marker 12, look for a logging road on your left (It is easy to miss).  It splits with the left branch dropping down steeply.  Take the right branch as it takes you more gradually down to a large grassy expanse with a stream flowing down the center (swale) that runs southwest to Northwest.  There is room to park just after you clear the trees.  About 52 miles one-way from Cañon City.

Length of Hike: About 4.8 miles (round trip)

Beginning Elevation:  10,978’

Elevation Change:  183’

Difficulty:  Easy,   Relative Dif.=1.4

Description:  This trail takes you northeast down a marshy area (swale) comprised of clumped grasses and thickets of willows along the bank of the stream.  After about 0.7 miles, the swale widens and turns more easterly then turning southeasterly as it continues down to Marion Lake and dam.  We will cross the lake along the dam then continue east in the swale to the St. Charles Trail.  Located a short distance up the St. Charles is a large rock formation that makes an excellent location fro a lunch break. 

A Note of Caution:  Depending on the weather the trail may be wet throughout the swale.