Meet at Village Inn parking before at 8:00 am every Wednesday during May thru September: 

1837 Fremont Dr. Canon City

[and before 9:00 am on every Wednesday during October thru April]



Upcoming Schedule of Wednesday Hikes 



All hikes meet at the Cañon City Village Inn at 8 am.


Hike Summary:

September 7 - The Gallery at Sand Gulch

September 14 - Holbert's Cabin Trail September

21 - Badger Creek
September 28 - Green Creek

SEPTEMBER 7 - The Gallery at Sand Gulch

Directions to Trailhead: Drive north on Red Canyon Road approx. 13 miles to the exit prior to the Banks exit. This is just before Shelf Road begins. Turn left and drive into the Sand Gulch Campground and follow signs for Day Use parking. Road can be bumpy after leaving Red Canyon Road.

Length of hike - 2.5 or 4 depending on if one adds the hike to Freeform Wall Beginning Elevation - 6,258 feet, Elevation Gain - 337 feet
Difficulty - Moderate to Difficult

Description: We will start by following the trail that goes to the Gallery which is about .34 miles. Turn left to continue on to the Far Side Climbing Wall - about .5 miles to wall. We will hike along the wall and then cross over to the Bulge Wall - follow this for a bit and then start down. Mural Wall will be on our left but we will not hike up to that - unless you're adventurous . This hike is only 2.5 miles but it can be rocky and there is some scrambling involved. Rain has uprooted some smaller trees that we need to climb over but they are small. We will then hike back to the parking lot.


For those that may want to do Freeform and Contest Well that can be an option. There is a lot of scrambling and bouldering to do on the way down if you come down the middle between the walls. For those that like that - it is a fun option.

This hike will be shorter that we've done recently - but the options are there to make it longer - and it might be a nice break.

****Please bring hiking poles****

September 14 - Holbert's Cabin Trail

Directions to trailhead: Travel east on highway 50 to Phantom Canyon Road then turn north and continue for about 13.4 miles until you come to an rusty orange-red colored, steel, bridge curving around to the left (west). The trestle bridge is the only bridge remaining from the railroad line left that carried coal and supplies to Victor and gold ore down to Florence for smelting. It is listed on the Register of National Historic Places. Information about this bridge is provided on informative signs located directly across Phantom Canyon Road from the trail head. The parking area is on the right side of the Phantom Canyon Road just before you reach the bridge. The unmarked, gated trail head is located just north of the parking area to your right. About 19.4 miles one way.

Length of hike: 3.75 miles (round trip) Beginning elevation: 7141 feet Elevation change: 319 feet
Difficulty: Easy

Description: At the trailhead, go through the gate, closing it after you pass through. The trail parallels the east fork of Eight Mile Creek for about 0.94 miles. The creek then divides with the East Fork turning to the left (west). Holbert Cabin is located on the west side of the east fork just after the stream divides. Please do not disturb this historic cabin. The trail follows the other branch as it meanders to the right (east). The trail slowly gains in elevation and crosses the stream a few times as it passes through stands of white firs and scattered Fraser firs and ponderosa pines. Willows and cottonwood trees are scattered along the stream bank. Rocky cliffs are visible at times through the trees. Near the end of the trail you pass by a second cabin nestled in the trees so that it is easily overlooked. Just beyond the cabin is a second gate taking you onto BLM property. Again, shut the gate after passing through. The trail ends a couple hundred feet beyond the gate. The trail continues but is difficult to locate and stay on. If you want to continue further just stay close to the stream bed so you don’t get lost.



Directions to trailhead: Take US 50 west from Canon City to State Highway CO 9. Drive north on CO 9 for about 10.8 miles to the intersection with Tallahassee Road. Turn left (west) and continue west on Tallahassee Road for about 25.15 miles to the unnamed entry road to the Badger Creek Trail. This unmarked dirt road is easy to miss! About 44.3 miles one way from Canon City.

Initial Elevation: 8,784 feet Elevation Change: 314 feet Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Description: This is a very pretty trail that takes you along Badger Creek as it slowly descends down a very pretty ravine, with interesting rock outcroppings and spectacular cliffs. There are several small waterfalls and ponds as well as small willow-covered marshy areas as you hike down the trail, when the stream is full of water. This is an excellent location to see bighorn sheep who come down to the stream for water.

There are some rocky ridges projecting out from the base of the mountain to climb up and over, as well as some stream crossings. The trail begins at the southwestern side of the parking area, and goes up and over two small ridges that project out from the western side of the mountain to the edge of the stream. The trail reaches its highest elevation (8,808 feet) at the top of the second ridge. From there the trail drops down the side of the ridge, reaching the stream then makes a broad curve around a large ridge that projects down to the stream from the eastern side of the ravine. It continues generally to the south, then after about 1,17 miles turns to the southeast. Around another ridge, the trail reaches a large rock formation projecting from the east side of the ravine down into the stream. There is a waterfall flowing into a picturesque pond.

This is an easy to moderate hike with no significant altitude gain. The hike follows Badger Creek with some boulder fields to negotiate but not difficult. Great scenery, good chance of spotting trout in the creek and bighorn sheep.


September 28 - Green's Creek Trail

Directions to trailhead: Take U.S. Highway 50 west past Salida to Poncha Springs. At the traffic light (intersection of U.S. 50 and State Highway 285 turn right (north) continuing on U.S. 50 for about 2.1 miles to County Road (CR) 220. Turn left on CR 220 and drive for approximately 1.76 miles where it intersects with CR 221. Turn left on CR 221 and drive for approximately 2.6 miles until you arrive at a dirt parking area and the trailhead to the Green Creek Trail. From the parking lot, walk approximately 300 feet south-west to the trailhead. About 69.8 miles one way from Canon City.

Length of hike: 4 miles (round trip) Beginning elevation: 8551 feet Elevation change: 933 feet Difficulty: Moderate

Description: The Green Creek trail is a well-developed trail running along the north side of Green Creek. It gains about 840 feet in altitude over the 2 miles of this particular hike. This is a very picturesque hike with a variety of wild flowers and shrubs blooming including the spectacular bearberry honeysuckle with its dark blueblack fruits surrounded by bright red bracts. Among the wildflowers are wild roses and geraniums that can be seen all along the trail during the summer months. The trail winds along, at times close to the stream and at other times further inland through groves of aspens and pines. In some locations water cascades over rocks and other obstacles. The creek has several ponds located behind dams constructed by beavers. At one location an otter lodge can be seen next to the creek with its smoothed out track running from the lodge to the water’s edge. If you are fortunate you will see members of this family frolicking in the water or returning to the lodge. At the end of this 2-mile trail is a large picturesque beaver dam and pond. This is a great spot to stop and have lunch. If you want to you can continue to hike beyond this beaver pond, however, this particular hike ends here.


Hike Summary:

8/3/2022 - Wachob Trail
8/10/2022 - Deer Peak
8/17/2022 - Nadia’s Loop
8/24/2022 - Carhart Trail Loop
8/31/2022 - Mingus Ranch FS Rd 321


 Wednesday, August 3: Wachob Trail

Length of trail: ~4 miles total, Difficulty: Easy

Beginning elevation 9000 ft; Elevation gain 160 ft.

page1image32923328 page1image32923520

Wachob Trail #1319 . The Trail is 1 mile long and starts at 9,000 ft and tops out at 9,160 ft for a gain of 160 ft. This trail is rated easy. The official trail heads up to a rocky lookout area which reveals a great view of Lake Isabel and surrounding campgrounds and cabins. There is a flagpole at the top flying the American Flag. Once we hike up to the overlook we will take off cross country to explore the area of old and recent logging roads which wrap around the West end of the Boy Scout Ranch up along a ridge, then back to the parking area. Views to the North- East towards Pueblo can be seen. This hike will be close to 4 miles as we explore this National Forest area beyond the Wachob Trail.

Driving directions: At Florence take Hwy 67 South to Wetmore. At Wetmore take Hwy 96 West/left to Mackenzie Junction. Turn Left onto Hwy 165 and travel about 17 miles to Forest Service Rd #380. It will be marked out on the hwy with a sign. Drive up the road to the end to parking, about 3.4 miles. Trailhead is located off Hwy 165 one mile North of Lake Isabel off FS Rd. #380/Boy Scout Ranch Rd. Lots of parking as this is a county road with a loop at the end.

Drive time is approximately 1.5 hrs.


Wednesday, August 10: Deer Peak Trail

Length of hike: 4.5-50 miles, Difficulty: Moderate due to elevation Beginning elevation: 10,000 ft; Elevation Gain 1500 ft

This hike will take us along Forest Service Rd #401 to the top of Deer Peak. Once up top we will have Majestic Views of the Sangres. Along the way are views of the Sangres and the valley below. We will have good footing as 401 is a service road for the transmission towers on top of the peak. The gain is gradual; return will be downhill.

Driving Directions: From Florence take Hwy 67 over to Wetmore. Turn right at Wetmore (67 and 96). Take 96 West to McKenzie Junction. Turn left onto Hwy 165. Stay on 165 until you get to Ophir Creek Rd. (Campgrounds) FS RD 360/361. Turn right onto Ophir Creek Rd. At Snyder Gulch bear left and proceed up 360/361 until the junction of 369 and 401. “Four Corners”. There is space for parking at Four Corners. Hike will begin there at FS Rd 401. Approximately

1.5 hour drive from Canon City. Ophir Creek road can be “washboard bumpy”.


Wednesday, August 17: Nadia’s Loop

Length of hike: 3.5-4.5 miles Difficulty: Moderate Beginning elevation: 6700 ft; Elevation Gain: 550 ft

Little known Nadia’s Memorial Loop is a very nice 3.5 mile loop starting at the South Creek Trailhead parking off Hwy 165. Trailhead begins at 6700 ft. We will “bushwack” from the parking lot a short distance East to an old logging road. We will have to climb over some downed trees and there will be vegetation in some areas. This road will eventually turn and head North. After following it for about 1.5 miles we will come to the end of the road where we pick up a narrow single- track trail which will connect to another logging road. On a tree in this area is the sign “Nadia Brelje Memorial Loop”, watch for it. This logging road heads West down through Lion Park past the South Creek trail junction and back to the parking area. We can add another mile or so on a spur to bring the mileage up to 4.5. The hike is moderate. Beautiful aspen groves, Lots of scenery and a great view of Pikes Peak and Wet Mountains.

Driving directions: From Canon City take 115 to Hwy 67 at Florence. Head South on 67 to Wetmore. At Wetmore take Hwy 96 West to MacKenzie Junction. Turn Left onto Hwy165 and travel about 15 miles to the turnoff for the South Creek Trailhead FS Rd #327. It is marked by a sign along 165. It is on the left side of 165 just past the St. Charles trailhead parking. Drive

down to the parking area. Approximately 1.5 hrs drive time.

page2image33027776 page2image33025664

Wednesday, August 24: Carhart Trail Loop

Length of hike: 4.5 miles + up to 2 miles of side trips Difficulty: Moderate due to add-ons. Beginning elevation: 6500 ft; Elevation change: 800 ft.
Difficulty: Moderate

Our hike will start at the Horseshoe Lodge at Pueblo Mountain Park. This hike will be a loop. We will head over to Northridge Trail, take a side trip into Devil’s Canyon. Then continue on Northridge to the top where the trail connects to Mountain Park Trail. The climb along Northridge Trail is steeper and rocky. Mountain Park Trail drops down through a forested canyon to Squirrel Creek Trail. A short trip over to the Squirrel Creek picnic shelter will add a mile or so. (This is optional.) We then take Squirrel Creek Trail to the connection with the Carhart Trail. Carhart Trail takes us back up and into Pueblo Mountain Park past the old Stock Arena and Archery Range. Follow the road back up the old stone staircase to the parking lot.

Driving directions: From Canon City take 115 to Hwy 67 in Florence. Take Hwy 67 South to Wetmore. At Wetmore turn right onto Hwy 96. Follow Hwy 96 to CR 387 towards North Creek campground and Beulah. CR 387 becomes CR 212 (Northcreek Rd.) at the North Creek Campground. Stay on it until you reach Pine Drive in Beulah Valley. Turn right onto Pine Drive and follow until you take a sharp right on Pueblo Mountain Park Rd and follow to the Horseshoe Lodge. Park at the Horseshoe Lodge.

Wednesday, August 31: Round Top Mountain w sidetrip to Mingus Homestead

Length of hike: 4.9 miles + less than 1 mile to Homestead Beginning elevation: 9423 ft; Elevation gain 465 ft.

This hike will start on FS rd 383 as we head to the Mingus Homestead from the parking area. We will then go back (1/2m) to pick up FS rd 321. Hiking up 321 we will be at the base of Round Top Mountain. This is a road leading to dispersed camping spots. As we hike up signs of the Junkins fire can be seen. At the junction of FS rd 321 and 321a we will go Left onto 321a. Follow 321a to the end where we will “bushwack” about 1/3 of a mile up through a meadow with downfall. At the edge of the meadow is the end of FS rd 321. Once on 321 again it will be downhill the rest of the way. Views of the Eastern plains and a quick view of the Sangres. Starting elevation 9423ft. 465ft elevation gain. 4.9 miles with less than a mile added to walk over to Mingus.

Driving directions: From Canon City take 115 to Hwy 67 in Florence. Take Hwy 67 South to Wetmore. At Wetmore turn right onto Hwy 96. Follow Hwy 96 to MacKenzie Junction. Turn left onto Hwy 165. Follow 165 about 8 miles to FS rd 383/Ditch Creek Rd. Turn left onto 383 to







Bonus Hike:


July 1st Waterdogs Lake

Directions: Drive west from Canon City on #50 through Salida to Maysville. Continue on #50 west another 8.4 miles to the trailhead on the right.  Not easy to spot.

Length of Hike: 3.2 miles
Starting Elevation:  10,353
Elevation Change: 1,062

Description of Hike:  Definitely not a stroll through Garden of the Gods.  The hike starts at over 10,000 ft and ends at over 11,000 ft. The trail follows a river part of the way and is very pretty, then winds back through a lush green conifer forest, up rocky inclines to follow a powerline trail. It is pretty much a steady climb to the first lake.  Beautiful, and some say the second lake is even more beautiful.




July 2022 Hikes


7/6/2022 Fooses Creek
7/13/2022 Bartlett Trail
7/20/2022 Marion Mine Ruins
7/27/2022 Alpine Tunnel



Fooses Creek Trail


Direction to trailhead: From Salida continue West on Hwy 50 past Ponca Springs.  Turn south on CO Road 225 about 2.5 miles to the trailhead.  Four-wheel drive is not needed, but some clearance is recommend as the last section is a little rocky.


4 Miles in and out
Beginning Elevation 9560 feet
Elevation Change 278

The trail climbs gently for over a mile to some beaver ponds and runs along and across Fooses Creek through the forest.  It is well developed and there are bridges where crossing is necessary.  The trail is a regular favorite of the club.


Bartlett Trail #1310


Directions to trailhead: Canon City east on Hwy 50, 7 miles to Hwy 67. Turn right/South on Hwy 67 and follow to Wetmore – turn right (west) onto Hwy 96, follow west to Hwy 165. Turn left (south) onto Hwy 165 and travel 16 miles to Boulder Ave in Rye. Turn right/south onto Boulder Ave for 0.9 mile to Granger Dr. Left/East onto Granger Drive for 0.2 mile, then turn south onto Hunter Rd. Follow Hunter Rd 0.7 mile to Baxter Rd. Turn west/right onto Baxter Rd and follow it 0.5 mile, then turn south/left. Follow Bartlett Trail Rd 2.6 miles to limited parking. The road prior to the limited parking area can be very muddy when wet. When this section of road is wet from the limited parking area, high clearance vehicles can follow the road another 0.3 mile to a larger parking area and the trailhead. We will be driving to the larger parking area and trailhead.

Length of Hike: 5 miles round trip - out and back

Beginning elevation: 8,000
Elevation gain: 1,200’
Rating: Difficult


Description: We will head west from parking lot to a registration box and a junction (about 2 minutes up the trail). We will take the right fork at the junction, following some switchbacks and good views. The first mile to mile and half, the trail is narrow with vegetation close to the trail. We will hike to North Apache Creek (a sizable creek) and stop there for lunch. Return the same route.


Marion Mine Trail


Direction to trailhead: From Canon City go 5.8 miles east on Royal Gorge Blvd./US 50. Turn right (south) on Colorado (CO) 67/Phantom Canyon Road. Continue on CO 67 for 11.4 miles through Florence to Wetmore. Turn right on CO 96 and continue for 11.1 miles to CO 165 (Greenhorn Highway). Continue south on CO 165 for 18.32 miles past Lake Isabel then turn right (west) at the Lake Isabel Recreational Area entrance. Shortly after you turn onto Park Road 371 you will reach a guard shack. The daily U.S. Forest Service fee is $6.00 or $3.00 if you have a National Park Service Golden Age Pass. Follow the directions to the Cisneros 1314 trail head located about 1.95 miles west. One way distance is about 48.6 miles 


Length of hike: About 4. miles (round trip)
Beginning elevation: 8852 feet
Elevation Gain: 1,030


Description: This is very nice Wet Mountain hiking trail.  The trail follows the Cisneros Trail (Trail 1314) for the first mile. For the first approximately half mile, it goes in a westerly direction along the north side of the St. Charles River ravine. The ascent along this section is moderate. It then turns sharply to the south continuing along the rim of the St. Charles River ravine. The trail then makes a bend to the northwest, leaving the ravine and continuing generally in a northwest direction to the intersection with the St. Charles Trail (Trail 1326). The Cisneros Trail continues to the west. The St. Charles Trail heads northwest. Continue on the Cisneros Trail. After another 0.5 miles the trail again splits. The Cisneros trail continues southwest. A smaller sign indicates the Marion cabin and mine trail heads northwest. Take the Marion trail. Follow it for 0.45 miles to the cabin, and another 0.21 miles to the mine.  The trail takes you through a forest of tall white fir along the lower elevations that gradually change to Colorado blue spruce and stately aspens along the higher elevations. The picturesque St. Charles River parallels the trail on the lower part of the trail and the Amethyst Creek along the Marion Trail. There are great views of the mountains and interesting outcroppings to the east. 


Alpine Tunnel- St. Elmo


Direction to trailhead: Take U.S. Highway 50 west past Salida to Poncha Springs. At the traffic light (intersection of U.S. 50 and Colorado State Highway (CSH) 285 turn right (north) and continue for 0.58 miles. Turn right onto CSH 285 and drive for 15.59 miles to Chalk Road (County Road)162 just before Nathrop, CO. Turn left (west) onto Co 162 and continue 15.5 miles to Forest Service Road 295. (There will be a large brown sign indicating St. Elmo is straight ahead and FSR 295 goes to the left) Turn left on FSR 295 and drive for approximately 5.6 miles to parking area and trail head. You will pass over a bridge just before you reach the parking area. The trail head is located on the northwestern side of the parking area. About 98 miles one way.


Length of hike: 5.7 miles RT
Beginning elevation: 11,044 feet
Elevation change: 574 feet
Difficulty: Moderate


Description: This is an especially scenic, interesting and historic trail. It follows an old narrow gauge railroad bed about 3 miles to the site of the south portal of the Alpine Tunnel (Figure 2). In some sections railroad ties can still be seen embedded in the trail (Figure 2). The tunnel connected St. Elmo and Pitkin, Colorado although the railroad continued to Gunnison, Colorado. Construction of the tunnel began in 1879 and the tunnel was open to traffic in 1891. Due to a series of avalanches, accidents and fatalities the tunnel was abandoned in 1910. This tunnel is still the highest in altitude and longest in North America.  About 0.4 miles from the trail head you will reach a locked green metal gate. Walk around the north side of the gate. Continue along the trail as is slowly gains in elevation through a Colorado blue spruce forest. After about 0.33 miles, the trail makes a broad curve to the south then continues back to the northwest. This curve, known as Sawmill Curve, was infamous because of the several train wrecks that occurred here as the trains descended downhill from the south portal of the tunnel. An information sign describes the curve in more detail. After about 1.27 miles the trail turns west and continues in that direction to the end of the hike. After about 2 miles the trail leaves the forest and goes through a much more open area to the end of the trail. This section provides excellent views of the mountains to the east and northeast (Figure 3) and the valley below. Here wild flowers bloom in great abundance and color during late summer (Figure 4). They are found all along the trail.
At the end of the trail you will reach the location of the southern portal of the tunnel (Figure 5). There are two information signs just beyond the portal location that describe the tunnel and the difficulty workers faced during the construction. Return the way you came for a round trip distance of 6 miles. A note of caution, snow melt in late spring an early summer, and summer thunder storms can result in water flowing across the trail in several locations and also down the trail making the trail slippery and wet.