Welcome to Cañonland Walkers and Hikers


In compliance with Colorado Public Health Orders, and in furtherance of our dedication to the health and well-being of our members, the activities of  Canñonland Walkers and Hikers are currently suspended.  We encourage all to pursue phsyical, mental and spiritual well-being by actively engaging with nature in a safe and responsible manner.   We intend to resume our club activities as soon as it is safe and responsible to  do so.  Check here for future announcements.  


We are a Cañon City-based hiking and walking club.  We hike every Wednesday and walk every Tuesday morning – year around.  Members, non-members, guests and visitors are all welcome to walk and hike with us.  We intend to promote fitness, health, and mental well-being, as well as sociability, enduring friendships and enjoyment of the wonderful outdoor experience available in Fremont County and surrounding areas.





On the first Tuesday of each month we walk the Tunnel Drive trail on the west side of Cañon City, just off of Highway #50.  After the initial uphill walk (about 245 steps) the path is well-groomed and relatively level for two miles.  The round trip is a four mile walk, although some members choose to walk two miles or one mile, depending on fitness level and other factors.   Join us by meeting at the Tunnel Drive parking lot on the first Tuesday of each month.


On the other Tuesday mornings, we walk the Arkansas Riverwalk.  It is also well-groomed and relatively level.  And again, some folks walk a full four miles and some walk a lesser distance.  Additionally, walkers move at different paces and you’ll likely find others who walk at a comfortable pace for you.  Join us for these walks by meeting at the Sells Trailhead of the Arkansas Riverwalk.  Turn east off of 9th Street South onto Sells Avenue and follow Sells Avenue several blocks until it dead-ends in the parking lot by the trail head.  We start walking at 8:00 am, so don’t be late!  But if you are, one of the vehicles likely will have an arrow pointing which direction the walk is going (east or west).





Join us for hikes every Wednesday.  Guests and visitors are welcome to hike with us. We assemble in the parking lot of Village Inn in Cañon City. We carpool to the trailhead and then return after the hike.  Most hikes are within an hour drive.  Unlike the walks, hikes can involve uneven and sometimes difficult terrain.  Hike lengths range from 3-8 miles and up and down elevation gains from 300 to 1,200 feet.  As with the walks, hikers have different paces, and we tend to take rest breaks as convenient.  Upcoming hikes are listed on this site – Wednesday Hike Schedule – and also on our Facebook Page.  Both will give you more information about each hike.  


What to bring – bring plenty of water to drink during the hike.  Most hikers us a hiking staff, walking stick, or trekking poles, as the footing can at times be awkward or difficult.  Wear comfortable hiking boots or shoes with good grip soles.  Bring a hat of some kind for protection from sun/heat and clothes covering arms/legs as appropriate.  If water shoes might be needed for creek crossings, the hike information should say so.  UV sun screen and insect repellent are also a good idea.  And, bring a snack/lunch as we most often stop midway for a food and rest break.


Coronavirus Safetly Precautions



Like the rest of America, we share a serious concern about coronavirus.  We will take necessary and appropriate steps, and as long as safe and feasible, our club activities will continue.    We recognize that sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and fellowship are good medicine.  We are determined as members of Cañonland Walkers and Hikers to continue to walk and hike together.


That said, each member needs to make his and her own assessments concerning their own level of participation.


Until further notice, these are additional safety guidelines for the club:


1. Self-policing – If you are not feeling well - if you are noticing any symptoms, please make the responsible decision and don’t participate that day.  We count on you to make the right call.


2. No donut sharing.  Everyone touches the donut box.  Is this a problem? Coronavirus can live for 24 hours on cardboard.  Just saying.


3. No hugging in the parking lot. It is always great to see each other, especially after an absence.   But let’s not give this virus a chance. 


4. Reconsider car pooling.  Seriously think about this.  If you don’t want others in your car, your decision should be respected.  If you don’t want to ride in someone else’s car, that should be your decision.  I will have disinfectant wipes for anyone who wants to wipe down their car, or their area within a care.  I recommend each of our regular drivers to so equip their vehicles.  


5. 6 foot intervals between hikers on the trail and at rest and chow-stop places.


6. Guests continue to be welcome to walk and hike with the club provided they agree to and do comply with these guidelines.


Start Times for Hikes and Walks


October through March --  For both walks and hikes we assemble by 9:00 am at the designated meeting place.  


April throught September --  For both walks and hikes we assemble by 8:00 am at the designated meeting place. 





We meet the second Tuesday of each month at 10:30 a,m. at Mr. Ed’s Family Restaurant at 1201 Royal Gorge Blvd, Cañon City.  A brief business meeting is held at 11:00 am.  Those wanting a breakfast should have their orders in before 11:00, as thereafter the lunch and dinner menu is what is available.




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