Meet at Village Inn parking before at 9:00 am every Wednesday during October through April

1837 Fremont Dr. Canon City



Upcoming Schedule of Wednesday Hikes 



Hike Leaders for March 2024

Jane Chess Ph: 719-371-4034,

Kris Gunsten Ph: 540-797-4123,



March 6th   Overlook Trail, Seep Springs Area

March 13th   The Anthill (Cope’s Nipple), Marsh Quarry Area

March 20th Island in the Sky, Oil Well Flats Area

March 27th Booger Red, High Park Area



March 6th   Overlook Trail, Seep Springs Area



Nearest City: Canon City

Directions to Trailhead: From Canon City Village Inn drive west on Hwy 50 for 5.1 miles to CR 69 (3 Mile Rd). Go north 7.1 miles past Wilson Creek and Stone House. Turn right and continue to 5830E and park here.


Beginning Elevation:  6650’

Elevation Gain:

Difficulty:  Moderate .  Some rocky parts, short hills and a short bushwhack across a ravine

Hike Length:  about 3 mile


Description: We will hike on 5830E to T5830C to T5830B. There are beautiful views, and a large cairn with an old hand-made cross on it, with some evidence of solar lights. We will continue hiking to the intersection with 5830F and turn L and walk a few yards to a narrow ledge which looks over Garden Park. From here we will hike on 5830F to T5830B, turn Right. We will bushwhack across a small canyon, back up to 5830E and back to the cars.


March 13th  The Anthill (Cope’s Nipple), Marsh Quarry Area



Nearest City: Canon City

Directions to Trailhead: From Village Inn, travel 3.6 miles to Red Canyon Rd, where Field ends. At 4.6 miles, across the cattle guard, the road becomes Garden Park Rd. At 5.1 miles, look to the Left, you will see a plaque describing the first Oil Well in the West, the second place in the US to produce petroleum from wells, discovered in 1862. At 6.4 miles there are some Native American writings on a rock, which unfortunately have been defaced with graffiti. At 7.3 miles there is parking on the Left, by a “Marsh Quarry” sign, we park here.


Difficulty:  1st and 3rd mile are difficult up a steep rocky hill and then back down the same hill

Starting Elevation:  5500

Elevation Gain: 660

Distance:  3.3 miles 


Description: The first and last parts of this hike are the same as Mary took us last year in May. From the parking area we will hike to the right a short distance on fairly level ground, then we will hike up a steep rocky trail past an area where dinosaur fossils were discovered in 1877. At about .8 miles we will turn right and bushwhack towards the Anthill. We will break there, then continue a short distance to view a small dinosaur quarry. We will continue out to trail #5935E and #5935, then down a draw which leads downhill to the trail we came up on, through Marsh Quarry, and back to the cars.



March 20thth   Island in the Sky and Bentonite Mine, Oil Flats Area


Nearest City:  Canon City


Directions to trailhead: From Village Inn, go 3.6 miles to Red Canyon Rd, then at 4.6, across the cattle guard, the road turns into Garden Park Rd. At 7.1 miles, turn R into Oil Well Flats, stay to the L on the dirt road, past the parking lots. We will park at 8.4 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate

Starting Elevation:  

Elevation Gain:  848

Distance: 6.3 Miles 


Description: Walk through the Red Gate, through the Bentonite Mine area, then on towards Island in the Sky. We will do it counter clockwise. Beautiful views.



March 27  Booger Red


Nearest City: Canon City, Colorado


Directions to Trailhead: Take Hwy 50 west from Canon City to State Highway 9, 10.3 miles from Village Inn. Drive north on SH 9 to County Road 11 for 8.3 miles. Drive west for 14.75 miles on CR 11 to Road 5808 on south side of CR 11. (There is a large cross on the right on top of a small hill just as we reach CR 5808. Turn R at the 30 MPH and Left Curve signs. It’s a dirt road. It’s hard to notice.) We will pass through an open (BLM) green gate after .1 miles. Continue past the gate for 0.9 miles where you will encounter another gate. Continue for .26 miles to a grassy parking area. The unmarked trail begins at the gate west of the BLM information sign. Open this gate and close it after you pass through. The driving distance is about 34 miles one way.


Difficulty:  Moderate

Starting Elevation:  7784 ft.

Elevation Gain:  300 ft.

Distance:  4.7 miles 


Description:  Follow an old two track uphill for a short distance through an open forest of scrub oak and scattered pinion. The trail enters a large mountain meadow with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Continuing south, you will see a trail marker where the trail splits, with one trail going along the plateau to the east and the other continues along the plateau to the south. Follow the eastern trail. As it leaves the meadow, it enters a thin strip of open forest then enters into another long meadow. The trail follows the eastern edge of this meadow close to the border of a pinion and ponderosa pine forest. At the southern end of the meadow, the trail enters the forest and continues southeast along the edge of a deep ravine. There are open locations along this section of the trail with magnificent views of the canyon and mountains beyond. At .6 there is an old mine shaft on the Left. At .95 there is a very nice view on the Left. We will do a loop and return to parking area and cars, then an additional out and back to an old cabin.



Hike Leaders for February 2024



Mike Johnson:






February 7th  South Canon Trails

February 14th Aiken Canyon

February 21st Red Canyon Park, The Narrows


February 28th Section 13, Lamba Chops and Hot Shot



NOTE:  February is sometimes a snowy month so be prepared.  If you have microspikes for your boots be sure to bring them.


February 7th South Canon Trails

Direction: From 1st Street drive south to Temple Canyon Rd.  Turn west and proceed to the parking lot at the Redemption trailhead.  Total driving distance about 3 miles


Nearest City:  Canon City


Difficulty:  Easy

Starting Elevation:  5800

Elevation Gain:  400

Distance:  5 miles


Description: The hike is about a 5 mile loop along the Redemption, Hard Time and Shiv trails.



February 14th   Aiken Canyon


Nearest City:  Penrose

Directions:  Highway 50 east to Penrose.  North on 115 about 18 miles to Turkey Creek Rd and the trailhead


Difficulty:  Easy 

Starting Elevation:  6500

Elevation Gain:  400

Distance:  3.25 mile loop


Description: The hike is a fairly easy loop of about 3.25 miles with an option of adding about 2 additional miles hiking up canyon to an old homestead.   



February 21st    Red Canyon Park – The Narrows 

Nearest City:  Canon City

Directions:  Take Field Ave north of Canon City until it reaches Red Canyon Rd.  Continue north for 7 miles to Red Canyon Park.


Difficulty:  Easy   

Starting Elevation: 6200

Elevation Gain:  370

Distance:  3.25 miles


Description:  The hike follows a wash thru a narrow redrock canyonbefore topping out at the road.   Follow the road back or if conditions allow, scramble up to the small arch and then make way back down to the road.  




Febuary 28tSection 13, Lamba Chops and Hot Shots


Nearest City:  Canon City 


Directions:  Same driving directions as February 7th.   First street to Temple Canyon Rd.  Then west to the Redemption parking lot.   Trail starts across the road.

Difficulty: Moderate to easy  

Starting Elevation: 5900’

Elevation Gain: 500’

Distance: 3.25 and 2.25 mile loops  5.5 miles if you do both

Description: Lamba Chops is the lower loop and is about 3.25 miles.  Hikers can then turn back or continue up Hot Shorts for an additional 2.25 mile loop and top out at about 6400 feet before continuing down to rejoin Lamba Chops.   




Hike Leader for January 2024

Randy Babb:








January 3rd      Oil Well Flats

January 10th    Royal Gorge Trail System

January 17th    Rockvale’s Big Horn Mesa

January 24th    Lake Pueblo State Rec Area

January 31st    East Hardscrabble Creek



January 3rd  Oil Well Flats 

Direction: From Canon City go east on Hwy 50.  Turn left of Garden Park Road – F.R. 5940 to first parking area on the right.


Nearest City:  Canon City


Difficulty:  Easy 

Starting Elevation:  

Elevation Gain:  negligible

Distance:  4 Mile loop 

Description:  This is a clockwise loop which incorporates sections of 5 trails.  Tectonic .23 miles to Fracture 1.8 miles to Unconformity .59 miles to F.R. 5941 .3 miles to Path of Least Resistance .3 miles to Techtonic and back to parking. Mountain bike single track with good views

January 10th  Royal Gorge Trail System (Dark Side of the Moon/Twisted Cistern


Nearest City:  Canon City


Directions:  From Canon City go west on Hwy 50 to CR 3 south. First left to trailhead parking.


Difficulty:  Easy 

Starting Elevation:  

Elevation Gain:  minimal

Distance:  3 mile loop (5 mile loop possible depending on wea


Description:  Hike starts on the Dark Side of Moon for 1.2 miles to a short .2 mile section of S’mores north to Dream Weaver then 1,7 miles back to parking. 



January 17th  Rockvale’s Big Horn Mesa


Nearest City:  Canon CIty


Directions:  From Canon City take Ash St. crossing highway 115 and stay left on CR 77 for 6.5 miles.   Just past Rockvale Gun Club turn left to Big Horn Mesa.  


 Difficulty:  Easy  

Starting Elevation: 

Elevation Gain:  220’

Distance:  ?? miles


Description:  From the trailhead gain is 220 ft in the first 1000 ft before leveling out and becoming a walk in the park.  Entry level bushwacking south to a defined trail.  This eventually turns north for 1.5 miles and north mesa rim.  Return can involve following rim back 1.2 miles down incline to parking lot.  The hike overlooks 3 old coal towns:  Coal Creek, Rockvale and Williamsburg.



January 24th  Lake Pueblo State Rec Area


 Nearest City:  Pueblo


Directions:  From Canon City thru Florence to Hwy 96 east to Red Gate


Difficulty: Moderate to easy  

Starting Elevation:  

Elevation Gain:  

Distance:  4 miles in and out


Description:   Start hike on Rodeo Ridge down connecting with the areas concrete trail system.   We will stop at the State Fish Hatchery which is halfway for a break and self-guided tour of hatchery.  Continue down river with 2 bridge crossings ending at Goodnight Barn (1866 restored historic building).   This is a shuttle hike – transport vehicles require a State Park Pass for parking access.



January 31st   East Hardscrabble Creek 


Directions:   From Canon City thru Florence to Wetmore.   West on HWY 96 to CR 387 south staying right when road splits. Take 386 west to trailhead parking.  Road ends at trailhead.


Difficulty: Moderate

Starting Elevation:  

Elevation Gain:  Minimal

Distance: 4 Miles in and out


Description:  The trail consists entirely of the original CR386 road bed.  Hike requires 2 dry creek bed crossings to navigate a large washed out area.   In and Out of the 2016 Junkins burn scar.