Overnight Trip



Hello all!
In just two and a half months we will be heading to the Gunnison/Crested Butte area!  I am very thankful that the "broken" bridge is beyond where we are headed!  Here are the facts of the trip:
Who: Club members and any friends
What:  Annual club trip to hike, eat and enjoy!
When:  July 22 - 23.    Or as long as you wish to stay!!   The event will begin with a pot luck dinner at Tall Texan - gather at 5:30.  Info as so exact spot will be sent later
Where:  Gunnison - Crested Butte
GROUP HIKE - Lupine Trail - Crested Butte.        Many of us will be doing other hikes also let's keep each other informed!
These are the people that I have going so far and forgive me if I have forgotten some.  This year we want to keep a good list of everyone so we know who to expect for dinner and the hike.  Please let me know if you are going if your name is not on the list or if you've changed your mind!
                Kris G, Howard, Mike, Sandy and Bob Dorr, Kim N, Rona, Molly, Mary Jo, Tom and Patty, Tracy and Chris, Chris and Karen Jane Z, Jane C, Cia, Terry, Chris C, Shirley, Hon and Kim
Please let me know if you are going and not on the list and also whenever you decide to come - even the day before - let me know!
The extra's:  
Where to stay - there are many options for lodging.  Many have rented Airbnb's, others in hotels or the Tall Texan Campground.  
Dinner the 1st night will be a pot luck.  The club will provide fried chicken along with dishes, cutlery, etc.  BYOB and we will have water provided.  We will meet at 5:30 and eat around 6.  
On the 23rd, we will meet at the trail head at 8:45.  Decisions about carpooling can be made at the dinner the night before.  Here is the trail information:

This route description is the uphill route out and back, from Nicholson Lake. The Lupine Trail runs on an easement through private property so please stay on the trail at all times. 


Highlights: Wildflowers, Mountain views, Aspen
Hike Difficulty: Moderate
Bike Difficulty: Intermediate
RT Length: 7 miles
Bike Length: 10.7 loop from town
Approx. Time: 2.5 hours RT, 1.5 hours one way
Elevation Gain: 888 feet RT, 635 feet one way
Max Elevation: 9,312 feet
Trailhead Elevation: 8,943 feet
Travel Time to TH:

You can find more information
by googling Crested Butte Trails

Looking forward to a fun adventure!

Kris Gunsten
The week of July 22nd - going to the Gunnison/Crested Butte area.  We have decided the campgrounds - see below. Of course, there are many hotels, Airbnb's etc to pick from so feel free to choose where you will stay!
We will gather around dinner the evening on the 22nd for a pot luck and then will have a group hike on the 23rd.   More information will be forthcoming!   For those who are new to the club, we do those two activities together and then you are welcome to stay as long as you want to explore the area.  We will have other activities to suggest so stay tuned!  

We have picked out two places that we feel might accommodate folks for the summer trip.  Of course you are not required to stay at these places and can pick any other option!!
1. Tall Texan RV resort.  This campground offers RV sites, a couple cabins, glamping and tent sites.  It is 2 miles north of downtown Gunnison.  This will probably have to be the site for the RV's as the other site only has 7 RV sites and only 1 available when we will be there.  
The phone # is 1-970-641-2927.  I have only gotten a message but it states that for short stays booking online is the way to go.  Please go to their web site for additional information.
2. Three Rivers Resort and Outfitters.   This place has many cabins for groups to stay and is located in Almont - a short distance from the campground.  
Phone # 1-888-761-3474.  There is only 1 RV site available as of yesterday but many cabins.  The cabins at this resort seemed a little bigger.  Also go to their web site to reserve although I did talk to a live person there!!  
Of course there are lots of hotels and I'm sure Airbnb's to stay in.  Should be a beautiful time of year to be there.  
Let me know if you have questions!  Time to start planning!!!  July will be here soon!
Your summer committee!
Kris, Howard, Bob and Sandy